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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 November 2015Qi-arising Space: The Embodiment of Qi in Taiwanese Hypermedial Theatre  Wu, Yi Chen Jr
    20 April 2017Quality Assurance Procedures in Non-Obstetric Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Study of the Reliability of Current Methods.  Cantin, Peter
    1 September 2008Quality of life and well-being after acquired brain injury: the role of social identity, use of coping strategies and cognitive functioning  Gray, Georgina
    13 July 2020Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in tidal energy yield assessments  Clayton, R
    22 May 2014Quantifying and Understanding the Aggregate Risk of Natural Hazards  Hunter, Alasdair
    29 September 2011Quantifying coastal heritage change: an Isle of Wight case study  Loader, Rebecca Dawn
    7 September 2011Quantifying Contact Rates and Space Use in the Eurasian Badger (Meles meles): Implications for the Transmission of Bovine Tuberculosis  Reed, Nicola Louise
    4 October 2012Quantifying Methods for an Innovation Systems Analysis of the UK Wave Energy Sector  Vantoch-Wood, Angus R.
    24 April 2015Quantifying sources of variation in multi-model ensembles: A process-based approach  Sessford, Patrick Denis
    16 August 2013Quantifying the effects of biodiversity on food web structure: a stable isotope approach  Perkins, Matthew James
    31 August 2016Quantifying the impact of present-day and future tropospheric ozone on crop productivity at global and regional scale using JULES-crop  Leung, Pui Kin Felix
    4 July 2018Quantifying the role of parrotfish in the production and cycling of carbonate in coral reef ecosystems  Yarlett, Robert Thomas
    14 March 2017Quantitative Carbon cycle modelling to inform Climate Mitigation Policy  Jones, Christopher David
    7 January 2019Quantum and classical correlations of multiply scattered light  Starshynov, I
    17 March 2015Quantum Confinement in Low-Dimensional Dirac Materials  Downing, Charles Andrew
    4 January 2021Quantum Electrodynamics and Relativistic Corrections of the g-factor and hyper fine structure splitting in Li- and B-like ions  Berseneva, E
    22 February 2013Quantum Rings in Electromagnetic Fields  Alexeev, Arseny
    30 November 2017Quasi-geostrophic influence of the polar stratosphere on the troposphere  Clark, Simon James
    10 October 2008QUEER BODIES AND SETTLEMENTS: the pertinence of queer theory in the fields of queer history and trans politics, disability and 'curative education', quantum physics and experimental art - an interdisciplinary and transnational account of three socio-cultural and filmic research projects.  Garel, Stefan Jack
    28 April 2017Queering Careers: Exploring Difference in relation to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Career Progression  Janes, Kirsty