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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 November 2015Qi-arising Space: The Embodiment of Qi in Taiwanese Hypermedial Theatre  Wu, Yi Chen Jr
    20 April 2017Quality Assurance Procedures in Non-Obstetric Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Study of the Reliability of Current Methods.  Cantin, Peter
    1 September 2008Quality of life and well-being after acquired brain injury: the role of social identity, use of coping strategies and cognitive functioning  Gray, Georgina
    13 July 2020Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in tidal energy yield assessments  Clayton, R
    22 May 2014Quantifying and Understanding the Aggregate Risk of Natural Hazards  Hunter, Alasdair
    29 September 2011Quantifying coastal heritage change: an Isle of Wight case study  Loader, Rebecca Dawn
    7 September 2011Quantifying Contact Rates and Space Use in the Eurasian Badger (Meles meles): Implications for the Transmission of Bovine Tuberculosis  Reed, Nicola Louise
    4 October 2012Quantifying Methods for an Innovation Systems Analysis of the UK Wave Energy Sector  Vantoch-Wood, Angus R.
    24 April 2015Quantifying sources of variation in multi-model ensembles: A process-based approach  Sessford, Patrick Denis
    16 August 2013Quantifying the effects of biodiversity on food web structure: a stable isotope approach  Perkins, Matthew James
    9 January 2023Quantifying the impact and expansion of Eurasian beaver in Great Britain  Graham, H
    31 August 2016Quantifying the impact of present-day and future tropospheric ozone on crop productivity at global and regional scale using JULES-crop  Leung, Pui Kin Felix
    4 July 2018Quantifying the role of parrotfish in the production and cycling of carbonate in coral reef ecosystems  Yarlett, Robert Thomas
    3 July 2023Quantifying the vulnerability of biodiversity to climate change.  Trew, B
    14 March 2017Quantitative Carbon cycle modelling to inform Climate Mitigation Policy  Jones, Christopher David
    7 January 2019Quantum and classical correlations of multiply scattered light  Starshynov, I
    17 March 2015Quantum Confinement in Low-Dimensional Dirac Materials  Downing, Charles Andrew
    4 January 2021Quantum Electrodynamics and Relativistic Corrections of the g-factor and hyper fine structure splitting in Li- and B-like ions  Berseneva, E
    22 February 2013Quantum Rings in Electromagnetic Fields  Alexeev, Arseny
    30 November 2017Quasi-geostrophic influence of the polar stratosphere on the troposphere  Clark, Simon James