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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 March 2013R. V. Jones and the Birth of Scientific Intelligence  Goodchild, James Martinson
    2 September 2016Rabbit Warrens of South-West England: Landscape Context, Socio-Economic Significance and Symbolism  Gould, David Robert
    27 July 2015Race, Policing, and Public Inquiries During the 1980-81 Collective Violence in England  Peplow, Simon George
    17 November 2017Radar rainfall forecasting for sewer flood modelling to support decision-making in sewer network operations  Iqbal, Arshan
    11 October 2013Radiation Hydrodynamic Models and Simulated Observations of Radiative Feedback in Star Forming Regions  Haworth, Thomas
    19 December 2011Radiative transfer modelling for sun glint correction in marine satellite imagery  Kay, Susan Barbara
    21 December 2015Radiative-transfer modelling of the circumstellar environments of pre-main-sequence stars  Esau, Claire Frances
    28 April 2009Radical Christianity in the Holy Land: A Comparative Study of Liberation and Contextual Theology in Palestine-Israel  Kuruvilla, Samuel Jacob
    5 June 2017Rainwater Harvesting for Drought Mitigation and Flood Management  Melville-Shreeve, Peter
    27 April 2010Rainwater harvesting in the UK: a strategic framework to enable transition from novel to mainstream  Ward, Sarah
    21 September 2017Raman spectroscopy for rapid diagnosis of lymphomas and metastatic lesions found in lymph nodes  Fullwood, Leanne Marie
    23 April 2019Rapid high-resolution mid-IR imaging for molecular spectral histopathological diagnosis of oesophageal cancers  Hermes, M
    3 July 2023Rate-dependent tipping points for forced dynamical systems  Alharthi, T
    10 December 2018Rate-induced transitions for parameter shift systems  Alkhayuon, H
    14 February 2022Rawabi City and the Politics of Recognition in Palestine  Amoruso, F
    27 June 2014Re-embodying Leadership Through a Re-examination of the Sacred  Young, Alison Margaret Grieg
    25 July 2011Re-envisioning the Theatre of the Absurd: The Lacanian Spectator and the Work of Fernando Arrabal, Arthur Adamov and Eugène Ionesco  Cox, Lara Alexandra
    25 March 2019Re-Imag(in)ing Diyarbakir: Image, Archive, and the Production of Place  Bramhall, K
    1 February 2021Re-Placing British Theatre: Class and Regionality on the Contemporary Stage  Nicholas, T
    8 March 2012Re-presenting Geopolitics: ethnography, social movement activism, and nonviolent geographies  Burton, Kerry