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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 March 2017Santo Spirito in Florence: Brunelleschi, the Opera, the Quartiere, and the Cantiere  Ruggiero, Rocky
    25 July 2016Saudi Arabian Science and Mathematics Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices of the Integration of Technology in the Classroom  Alblaihed, Munthir Abdullah
    30 May 2014Saudi Educators’ Attitudes towards Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inclusive Education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  Alshahrani, Mohammad Mobark
    8 April 2019Saudi EFL Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions Regarding the Design of the Diploma of Education Programme  Albadrani, N
    15 November 2016Saudi English-Language Teachers’ Perceptions and Reported Practices of Teacher Leadership  Alsalahi, Saud Mossa A
    30 March 2012Saudi teachers’ views on appropriate cultural models for EFL textbooks: insights into TESOL teachers’ management of global cultural flows and local realities in their teaching worlds  Alfahadi, Abdulrahman
    5 October 2015Saving Time: Time, Sources, and Implications of Temporality in the Writings of H. P. Blavatsky  Lavoie, Jeffrey
    25 July 2018Scaffolds in Non-classical Hopf-Galois Structures  Chetcharungkit, Chinnawat
    5 April 2018Scalable processing and integration of 2D materials and devices  Torres Alonso, Elías
    30 June 2017Scaling the effects of warming on metabolism from organisms to ecosystems  Padfield, Daniel
    17 February 2020Scaling without growth? The scaling approaches of Social Agricultural Cooperatives in Italy  Colombo, LA
    2 April 2013Scent-Marking: Investigating Chemosensory Signals in Wolf Urine  Wolfram, Wendi K
    25 March 2015Scholastic Traditional Minimalism: A Critical Analysis of Intra-Sunni Sectarian Polemics  Islam, Tajul
    7 February 2018School-based positive psychology interventions: The development of a new evaluation process and intervention  Chodkiewicz, Alicia
    30 January 2013Science and Knowledge in Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's 'Etudes de la nature' (1784)  Luck, Jean Eileen
    18 March 2010Science and the politics of sustainability: an analysis of four research-council funded bioenergy projects.  Richardson, Thomas William
    28 September 2014Science, Practice, and Justification: the A Priori Revisited  Basoukos, Antonios
    24 February 2020Score Decompositions in Forecast Verification  Mitchell, K
    5 October 2020Scott Ankrett DClinPsy Thesis 2020 Paper One: The Efficacy of Interventions That Facilitate Social Participation on Outcomes of Social Participation and Quality of Life in Adults with Acquired Brain Injury. Paper Two: Improving Peer Relationships for Adolescents with Acquired Brain Injury: Using Intervention Mapping as a Framework to Identify Targets for Intervention.  Ankrett, S
    26 July 2018Seafarers, Silk, and Science: Oceanographic Data in the Making  Halfmann, Gregor