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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    30 October 2012The 21st Century New Muslim Generation: Converts in Britain and Germany  Neumueller, Caroline
    17 December 2018The 2500th Anniversary Celebrations and Cultural Politics in Late Pahlavi Iran  Steele, R
    24 January 2012The abduction and recovery of Helen: iconography and emotional vocabulary in Attic vase painting c. 550-350 BCE  Masters, Samantha
    19 June 2015The ability of Islamic Religious Education to deliver Citizenship Education in elementary schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  Alharbi, Badr Abdullah M
    26 November 2013The Acquisition of Skill in Early Flaked Stone Technologies: An Experimental Study  Khreisheh, Nada Nazem
    21 January 2019The Adoption of Mobile Health Systems in Hospitals: An Empirical Cross-City Study in China  Duan, B
    30 June 2011The Aeneid and the Illusory Authoress: Truth, fiction and feminism in Hélisenne de Crenne’s Eneydes  Marshall, Sharon Margaret
    8 May 2015The Aeroplane as a Modernist Symbol: Aviation in the Works of H.G. Wells, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, and John Dos Passos  Haji Amran, Rinni Marliyana
    16 September 2013The Agreement of the Past Participle in Spoken French, as a Sociolinguistic Variable: Production and Perception  Gaucher, Damien Fabien Rémi
    25 January 2016The Alexander Romance in the Persian Tradition: Its Influence on Persian History, Epic and Storytelling  Manteghi Amin, Haila
    9 January 2023The alteration of microvascular function by salt intake with a specific focus on the vascular endothelium and endothelial glycocalyx.  To, C
    17 September 2014The Analysis and Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Early Warning Systems in Hydrology and the Environment  Duncan, Andrew Paul
    1 February 2012The Analysis and Interpretation of Fragmented Mammoth Bone Assemblages: Experiments in Bone Fracture with Archaeological Applications.  Karr, Landon Patrick
    15 October 2013The Analyst of Manners, Money and Masks. August Lewald in the Vormärz  Butler, Veronica Helen
    31 July 2013The Anatomy and Microcirculation of the Intervertebral Disc  Palfrey, Rachel Melanie
    14 April 2009The Anxiety of Feminist Influence: Concepts of Voice in Margaret Atwood and Carol Shields  Stead, Nicola Jayne
    3 July 2017The Application of Anti-Manipulation Law to EU Wholesale Energy Markets and Its Interplay with EU Competition Law  Corlu, Huseyin Cagri
    7 October 2014The application of automated mineralogy to the provenance study of red-bed successions: a case study from the Permo-Triassic of SW England  McVicar Wright, Sarita Eleanor
    16 May 2022The application of competition law tools to big data related market power in the EU  Koksal, A
    3 July 2009The Application of Hydrolytic Enzymes for Biotransformations of Natural Products in Non-Aqueous Reaction Conditions  Bull, Joseph