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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 November 2016W.E.Gladstone and British Policy Towards the Ottoman Empire  Yildizeli, Fahriye Begum
    13 February 2023Wage labour and living standards in early modern England: a case study of the Shuttleworth accounts, Lancashire 1582-1621  Jiang, L
    28 September 2020Wage Labour and Poverty on a Dorset Estate, c. 1680-1834  Ridgway, A
    28 May 2009Walter Pater's Individualism: Philosophical Aesthetics and the 'Elusive Inscrutable Mistakable Self'  Hext, Kate J.
    27 October 2008War of Words: Liminality, revelation and representation in apocalyptic literature  Beckham, Rosemary Elizabeth
    3 October 2022War, Myth, Memory: Tolstoy's Diachronic Reception of Homer  Yefimenko, S
    14 January 2015Warranty of Legality and Public Policy  Wang, Feng
    27 February 2015Wars of Words: An Explication of the Complex Interface between Transnational Advocacy Networks and the Contemporary International System  Lockeyear, Cynthia Noelle
    27 September 2012Was Tertullian a Misogynist? A re-examination of this charge based on a rhetorical analysis of Tertullian’s work.  Cooper, Donna Marie
    1 August 2012Was there a '4.2 kyr event' in Great Britain and Ireland? Evidence from the peatland record  Roland, Thomas Patrick
    4 May 2016Was this rape? Exploring women’s use of an online rape and sexual assault forum: A qualitative analysis  Otway, Lorna
    25 November 2019Water demand forecasting using machine learning on weather and smart metering data  Xenochristou, M
    22 October 2008Water Management: the use of stars in Oman  Nash, Harriet
    28 September 2020Water-Food-Energy Nexus in Transboundary River Basins  Elsayed, H
    23 February 2018Wave-turbulence interaction in shallow water numerical models: asymptotic limits, and subgrid interactions  Wheadon, Andrew John
    10 January 2013We'll Meet Again: Music in Dementia Care  Hara, Mariko
    7 September 2020Wearable Energy Harvesting for Charging Portable Electronic Devices by Walking  Pritchard, D
    31 July 2012Weather Exposure and the Market Price of Weather Risk  Ketsiri, Kingkan
    26 April 2011Web-Based New Literacies and EFL Curriculum Design in Teacher Education: A Design Study for Expanding EFL Student Teachers’ Language-Related Literacy Practices in an Egyptian Pre-service Teacher Education Programme  Abdallah, Mahmoud Mohammad Sayed
    14 September 2020Web-Based Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (i-RFCBT) for High-Ruminating University Students: an examination of feasibility and efficacy  Cook, L