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    6 May 2014Adoption of Social Media by SMTEs in China  Shang, Yunfeng
    16 September 2019Adoptive Parents’ Home-School Partnerships: An Exploration of the Partnership Experiences of Parents and School Staff with a Focus on Barriers, Facilitators and Developing Partnership Practices.  Lewis-Cole, A
    22 September 2008Advanced Modelling of Flooding in Urban Areas: Integrated 1D/1D and 1D/2D Models  Leandro, Jorge
    21 July 2016Advanced Raman Techniques for Real Time Cancer Diagnostics  Vardaki, Martha
    28 January 2015Advances in the Social Evolution and Ecology of Bacterial Public Goods  O'Brien, Siobhan Elizabeth
    7 August 2012Advancing reliability information for Wave Energy Converters  Thies, Philipp R.
    30 June 2011The Aeneid and the Illusory Authoress: Truth, fiction and feminism in Hélisenne de Crenne’s Eneydes  Marshall, Sharon Margaret
    22 December 2016Aerial Stars: Femininity, Celebrity & Glamour in the Representations of Female Aerialists in the UK & USA in the 1920s and Early 1930s  Holmes, Catherine Jane
    8 May 2015The Aeroplane as a Modernist Symbol: Aviation in the Works of H.G. Wells, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, and John Dos Passos  Haji Amran, Rinni Marliyana
    30 September 2015Affordances of smartphones and Facebook tools to enhance the teaching and learning of English for English as a Second Language learners  Abu Hasan Sazalli, Nurhasmiza
    5 September 2014Agencification and Quangocratisation of Cultural Organisations in the U.K. and South Korea: Theory and Policy  Jung, Chang Sung
    13 December 2012An Agent-based Approach for Manufacturing Production Scheduling with Emission Consideration  Lu, Ruiqiang
    26 July 2011Agent-based Hierarchical Planning and Scheduling Control in Dynamically Integrated Manufacturing System  He, Naihui
    18 March 2019Agrarian Capitalism in England c.1700 to c.1850: A new methodological approach  Rhodes, J
    16 September 2013The Agreement of the Past Participle in Spoken French, as a Sociolinguistic Variable: Production and Perception  Gaucher, Damien Fabien Rémi
    31 January 2018Agricultural Trade Liberalization: an International Trade Network Approach  May Montana, Daniel Esteban
    23 May 2014Airborne and Underwater Response of Acoustic Structures  Murray, Alasdair R.J.
    6 January 2014Al-Adl wal-Ihsan: An Explanation of its Rise and its Strategy for Social and Political Reform in Morocco  Motaouakal, Abdelouahad
    1 February 2017Al-Ḥirāk Al-Shabābī Al-ʾUrdunī (the Jordanian Youth Movement): Organisation, Strategies and Significance for Social and Political Change in Jordan  Blanco Palencia, Maria
    2 July 2012Al-Jazeera's Democratizing Role and the Rise of Arab Public Sphere  Abdelmoula, Ezzeddine