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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 September 2013Accurate Differentiation of Trichosporon Asahii and Trichosporon Asteroides from other Human Pathogenic Yeasts and Moulds by using Highly Specific Monoclonal Antibodies  Davies, Genna Elizabeth
    29 January 2016Ageing and Physical Performance in Wild Crickets  Kendall, Sophie
    5 October 2020Alternative splicing and its contribution to cognitive decline in the ageing brain  Lye, J
    2 March 2020Analysis of microbial communities associated with Tilapia Aquaculture in Malawi  Alathari, S
    11 January 2021Analysis of viral signatures from Marine Microorganisms by Single-cell Amplified Genomes and Metagenomic Assembled Genomes  Bell, A
    7 May 2019Animal and Human Depictions on Artefacts from Early Anglo-Saxon Graves in the Light of Theories of Material Culture  Moradi, L
    9 November 2017Are Story Maps a useful flood hazard and risk communication tool: A case study from St Blazey.  Drewitt, Lucas Alexander
    27 November 2012Assessing how rainfall and other environmental factors affect the level of E. coli contamination in two species of bivavle  Teague, Charlotte
    10 February 2020A Crisis in Democracy? Brexit and the 2017 General Election in an age of PostTruth  Williams, S
    17 September 2015A Geological Study of the Potential for Rare Earth Element By-Product Recovery from Greek Bauxite Deposits  Mouchos, Evangelos
    29 September 2011An Inquiry into the Theology and Practice of Covenantal Living in L'Arche  Hall, Katharine Ann
    30 June 2015An investigation into the behavioural ecology and management of the common garden snail (Cornu aspersum) and its role in the transmission of canine lung worm (Angiostrongylus vasorum)  Rogers, Adam Danny Philip
    1 April 2016An investigation into the effects of phage diversity on the evolution of bacterial resistance mechanisms  Ekroth, Alice Katerina Elizabeth
    23 March 2018An investigation of mining impacts on bats in South-West England  Theobald, Emma
    30 September 2010A new and diverse plastid-bearing microbial eukaryote and its position on the eukaryotic tree of life.  Harrison, James William
    4 May 2020A Phylogenetic Study of Vulnerable Batoid Species from the North Atlantic  Bache-Jeffreys, M
    29 September 2011A population-based study of cognitive decline and peripheral inflammatory gene expression  Bradley-Smith, Rachel Mary
    22 October 2012A Potential Enforcement Tool for Regulating Trade in Tortoises: Stable Isotope Analysis  Wood, Emma Mary
    9 October 2017A Proof Of Melham's Identities  Humby, George
    14 September 2016A Systematic Review into the Association Between Maternal Hypothyroidism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Childhood  Thompson, William David