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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    16 March 2020Ecological implications of motorboat noise on coral reef fish communities  Weschke, E
    20 August 2014Effects of Rearing Conditions on Growth, Development and Moulting in European Lobster (Homarus Gammarus)  Middlemiss, Karen Lewanne
    22 June 2020Elasmobranch (sharks and rays) interaction with plastic pollution from global and local perspectives, via entanglement within anthropogenic debris and synthetic fibre ingestion  Parton, K
    19 September 2017Engineering Complex Carbohydrate Catabolism in Industrial Bacteria  Cromar, Holly
    19 May 2017Enhanced content bio-imaging tools: realising the potential for high-throughput zebrafish bioassays  Payne, Molly
    10 June 2019Establishment of an Ensiling System for the Production of Lactic Acid from Sorghum bicolor (Sweet Sorghum) Biomass  Brain, C
    9 December 2016Evaluating the Impact of Byproducts Generated by an Industrially Relevant Crop Pretreatment on Lignocellulosic Ethanol Yields  Chapman, Liam
    13 May 2019Evaluation of Beta vulgaris as a Candidate Feedstock for Industrial Lactic Acid Production  Gachanja, N
    17 September 2015Evaluation of Monoclonal Antibody MC3 as a Diagnostic Antibody for Invasive Candidiasis  Morad, Hassan Oliver James
    28 January 2019Examining spatial and trophic ecology of Bahamian stingrays, Styracura schmardae and Hypanus americanus, using stable isotope analysis  Meadows, M
    25 August 2015Extending the Nutritional Geometric Framework to Three Dimensions  Belcher, Laurence John