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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 January 2020Parasite Insight: Apicystis bombi Prevalence of the under-reported parasite Apicystis bombi across natural barriers and life stages in pollinator hosts.  Anderson, M
    3 July 2018People Protecting Place: Anti-Fracking Campaigns in the United Kingdom  Garland, Joshua
    28 September 2020Performance Counter Measurements of Data Structures: Implementations for Multi-Objective Optimisation  Candia, S
    17 February 2020Phage Encapsulation as a Treatment for Vibriosis in Oyster Aquaculture  Witherall, L
    28 October 2015Phenotype-environment matching and colour change for camouflage in the shore crab Carcinus maenas  Easley, Jennifer Lauren
    27 May 2014Phenotypic Characterisation of Clostridium Difficile Strains Defective in Lipoprotein Biosynthesis  Farries, Edward Cunningham
    10 February 2017Phenotypic Plasticity in Female Burying Beetle's: Individual Responses in a Multidimensional Environment  Kitchener, Patrick Alan
    18 May 2020Phylogenetic and phylogeographic assessment of the temperate octocoral Eunicella verrucosa  Hooper, L
    18 September 2017Pig rearing, killing and consumption: the healing effects of multispecies engagement for the communities of Ilva Mică and Prundu Bârgăului  Onofrei, Alexandra
    23 December 2016Pollinator community and function: in oilseed rape fields and in drought-stressed grassland.  Phillips, Benjamin
    14 December 2016Predicting the effects of climate change on south-west UK fisheries  Uglow, Bryony
    13 October 2017Prediction of the Performance of Regrind / Flotation Circuits using Laboratory tests and Quantitative Mineralogical Information  Davey, Graham
    28 October 2016Public knowledge and perception of blood - transfusion and conservation: The Exeter experience  Ridler, Brigid Mary Fitzclarence