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Welcome to the research outputs of the University of Exeter's ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society

Recent Submissions

  • Wilkerson on natural kinds 

    Dupré, John (Cambridge University Press, 1989-04)
  • Comments on Terry Eagleton's "Base and Superstructure Revisited" 

    Dupré, John (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000)
  • Natural kinds and biological taxa 

    Dupré, John (Duke University Press, 1981-01)
  • Human kinds and biological kinds: some similarities and differences 

    Dupré, John (University of Chicago Press, 2004-12)
    This paper compares human diversity with biological diversity generally. Drawing on the pluralistic perspective on biological species defended in earlier work (2002, chs. 3 and 4), I argue that there are useful parallels ...
  • Probabilistic causality: a rejoinder to Ellery Eells 

    Dupré, John (University of Chicago Press, 1990-12)
    In an earlier paper (Dupré 1984), I criticized a thesis sometimes defended by theorists of probabilistic causality, namely, that a probabilistic cause must raise the probability of its effect in every possible set of ...
  • The lure of the simplistic 

    Dupré, John (University of Chicago Press, 2002-09)
    This paper attacks the perennial philosophical and scientific quest for a simple and unified vision of the world. Without denying the attraction of this vision, I argue that such a goal often seriously distorts our ...
  • On human nature 

    Dupré, John (Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2003-12)
    The widely accepted interactionist picture of human development makes it clear that, given the historical and geographical differences in the cultures in which human develop, we should expect a great historical and ...
  • The study of socioethical issues in systems biology 

    O'Malley, Maureen A.; Calvert, Jane; Dupré, John (Taylor & Francis, 2007-04)
    Systems biology is the rapidly growing and heavily funded successor science to genomics. Its mission is to integrate extensive bodies of molecular data into a detailed mathematical understanding of all life processes, with ...

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