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  • Voltage dependent director of a homeotropic negative liquid crystal cell 

    Ruan, Lizhen; Yang, Fuzi; Sambles, J. Roy (American Institute of Physics, 2008)
    Thin layers of obliquely (60° to normal) thermally evaporated SiOx lead to homeotropic alignment of a nematic liquid crystal (LC) having negative dielectric anisotropy. Under application of an ac voltage the director, as ...
  • Waveguide arrays as plasmonic metamaterials: transmission below cutoff 

    Hibbins, Alastair P.; Lockyear, Matthew J.; Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Physical Society, 2006)
    Since the work of Ebbesen et al. [Nature (London) 391, 667 (1998)], there has been immense interest in the optical properties of subwavelength holes in metal layers. While the enhanced transmission observed is generally ...