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  • Accuracy of stellar parameters of exoplanet-host stars determined from asteroseismology 

    Mulet-Marquis, C.; Baraffe, I.; Aigrain, Suzanne; Pont, F. (EDP Sciences, 2009)
    Context. In the context of the space-based mission CoRoT, devoted to asteroseismology and search for planet transits, we analyse the accuracy of fundamental stellar parameters (mass, radius, luminosity) that can be obtained ...
  • Results from a set of three-dimensional numerical experiments of a hot Jupiter atmosphere. 

    Browning, Matthew K.; Jackson, David R.; Thuburn, John; Skalid Amundsen, David; Wood, Nigel; Smith, Chris; Acreman, David M.; Baraffe, I.; Mayne, N. J. (University of Exeter, 2017-04-04)
    We present highlights from a large set of simulations of a hot Jupiter atmosphere, nominally based on HD 209458b, aimed at exploring both the evolution of the deep atmosphere, and the acceleration of the zonal flow or jet. ...