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  • Acceleration of one-dimensional mixing by discontinuous mappings 

    Ashwin, Peter; Nicol, Matthew; Kirkby, Norman (Elsevier, 2002)
    The paper considers a simple class of models for mixing of a passive tracer into a bulk material that is essentially one dimensional. We examine the relative rates of mixing due to diffusion, stretch and fold operations ...
  • Hypermeander of spirals: local bifurcations and statistical properties 

    Ashwin, Peter; Melbourne, Ian; Nicol, Matthew (Elsevier, 2001)
    In both experimental studies and numerical simulations of waves in excitable media, rigidly rotating spiral waves are observed to undergo transitions to complicated spatial dynamics with long-term Brownian-like motion of ...
  • On the unfolding of a blowout bifurcation 

    Ashwin, Peter; Aston, Philip J.; Nicol, Matthew (Elsevier, 1998)
    Suppose a chaotic attractor A in an invariant subspace loses stability on varying a parameter. At the point of loss of stability, the most positive Lyapunov exponent of the natural measure on A crosses zero at what has ...