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    29 October 2020Accuracy of self-reported items for the screening of depression in the general population  Arias-de la Torre , J; Vilagut, G; Serrano-Blanco, A; et al.
    6 November 2013ACE inhibitor and angiotensin receptor-II antagonist prescribing and hospital admissions with acute kidney injury: A longitudinal ecological study  Tomlinson, LA; Abel, GA; Chaudhry, AN; et al.
    1 August 2014Activating germline mutations in STAT3 cause early-onset multi-organ autoimmune disease.  Flanagan, SE; Haapaniemi, E; Russell, Mark A.; et al.
    11 April 2017An Activating STAT3 Mutation Causes Neonatal Diabetes through Premature Induction of Pancreatic Differentiation.  Saarimäki-Vire, J; Balboa, D; Russell, MA; et al.
    21 September 2020Activation of K+–Cl-cotransporter KCC2 by inhibiting the WNK-SPAK kinase signalling as a novel therapeutic strategy for epilepsy  Zhang, J
    12 July 2006Active Governance: the value added by community involvement in governance  Maguire, K; Truscott, F
    27 January 2020Active surveillance for prostate cancer: an update  Merriel, SWD
    10 April 2020Activity interventions to improve the experience of care in hospital for people living with dementia: A systematic review  Lourida, I; Gwernan-Jones, R; Abbott, R; et al.
    14 March 2007Acupressure for smoking cessation--a pilot study.  White, AR; Moody, RC; Campbell, JL
    1 October 2017Acute Exercise and Insulin Sensitivity in Boys: A Time-Course Study  Cockcroft, EJ; Williams, CA; Weaver, H; et al.
    28 February 2020An adaptable implementation package targeting evidence-based indicators in primary care: A pragmatic cluster-randomised evaluation  Willis, TA; Collinson, M; Glidewell, L; et al.
    4 December 2015Adaptation in Natural Microbial Populations  Koskella, Britt; Vos, Michiel
    13 July 2017Adaptation of the By-Band randomized clinical trial to By-Band-Sleeve to include a new intervention and maintain relevance of the study to practice  Rogers, CA; Reeves, BC; Byrne, J; et al.
    4 December 2017Adapting QOF to focus on wellbeing and health  Close, J; Valderas, JM; Byng, R; et al.
    18 June 2019Added value and cascade effects of inflammatory marker tests in UK primary care: A cohort study from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink  Watson, J; Salisbury, C; Whiting, P; et al.
    2 November 2020ADHD at age 7 and functional impairments at age 10  Efron, D; Nicholson, JM; Anderson, V; et al.
    9 October 2017ADHD in children and young people: Prevalence, Care Pathways & Service Provision  Sayal, K; Prasad, V; Daley, D; et al.
    29 January 2015ADHD, parent perspectives and parent—teacher relationships: Grounds for conflict  Gwernan-Jones, Ruth; Moore, Darren A.; Garside, R; et al.
    10 October 2019Adherence and persistence to direct oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation: A population-based study  Banerjee, A; Benedetto, V; Gichuru, P; et al.
    17 December 2015Adherence to Oral Glucose-Lowering Therapies and Associations With 1-Year HbA1c: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis in a Large Primary Care Database.  Farmer, AJ; Rodgers, LR; Lonergan, M; et al.