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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2012Delivering stepped care: an analysis of implementation in routine practice  Richards, David; Bower, Peter; Pagel, C; et al.
    15 November 2017Delving deep into the proteome of lung fibrosis brings plasma cells to the surface  Gibbons, MA; Scotton, CJ
    1 March 2020Dementia care mapping™ to reduce agitation in care home residents with dementia: The epic cluster rct  Surr, CA; Holloway, I; Walwyn, REA; et al.
    30 July 2020Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission  Livingston, G; Huntley, J; Sommerlad, A; et al.
    4 May 2020Dementia, Identity, and the Role of Twitter  Talbot, C
    20 April 2018Depletion of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 reduces brain serotonin and impairs the running-induced neurogenic response  Klempin, F; Mosienko, V; Matthes, S; et al.
    17 August 2020Depletion of the phosphatase inhibitor, PPP1R1A, may contribute to beta-cell loss in Type 1 diabetes  Chaffey, J
    10 February 2014Depression and anxiety predict health-related quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: systematic review and meta-analysis.  Blakemore, A; Dickens, Chris; Guthrie, E; et al.
    16 August 2015Depression in people with coronary heart disease: prognostic significance and mechanisms  Dickens, Chris
    28 June 2019Depression predicts emergency care use in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a large cohort study in primary care  Blakemore, A; Dickens, CM; Chew-Graham, CA; et al.
    12 October 2014Depression predicts future emergency hospital admissions in primary care patients with chronic physical illness  Guthrie, E; Dickens, Chris; Blakemore, A; et al.
    12 July 2013Derivation and validation of a simple, accurate and robust prediction rule for risk of mortality in patients with Clostridium difficile infection.  Butt, E; Foster, JA; Keedwell, E; et al.
    30 December 2008Dermatitis associated with exposure to a marine cyanobacterium during recreational water exposure.  Osborne, NJ; Shaw, GR
    15 December 2016Detailed statistical analysis plan for a cluster randomised controlled trial of the Healthy Lifestyles Programme (HeLP), a novel school-based intervention to prevent obesity in school children.  Creanor, S; Lloyd, J; Hillsdon, M; et al.
    1 May 2015Detection of a low-grade enteroviral infection in the islets of Langerhans of living patients newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes  Krogvold, L; Edwin, B; Buanes, T; et al.
    1 March 2014Detection of enterovirus in the islet cells of patients with type 1 diabetes: what do we learn from immunohistochemistry? Reply to Hansson SF, Korsgren S, Pontén F et al [letter].  Richardson, Sarah J.; Leete, Pia; Dhayal, S; et al.
    30 July 2012Determinants of demand for total hip and knee arthroplasty: a systematic literature review.  Mota, REM; Tarricone, R; Ciani, O; et al.
    28 August 2020Determinants of renal oxygen metabolism during low Na + diet: effect of angiotensin II AT 1 and aldosterone receptor blockade  Patinha, D; Carvalho, C; Persson, P; et al.
    1 October 2014Determinants of treatment plan implementation in multidisciplinary team meetings for patients with chronic diseases: a mixed-methods study.  Raine, R; Xanthopoulou, P; Wallace, I; et al.
    28 September 2020Determinants of Volunteering Within a Social Housing Community  Walker, T; Menneer, T; Leyshon, C; et al.