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    28 May 2015L-citrulline supplementation improves O2 uptake kinetics and high-intensity exercise performance in humans  Bailey, Stephen J.; Blackwell, James R.; Lord, T; et al.
    1 March 2020Lacosamide in the general population and in people with intellectual disability: Similar responses?  Allard, J; Henley, W; Mclean, B; et al.
    27 September 2017Land cover and air pollution are associated with asthma hospitalisations: A cross-sectional study.  Alcock, I; White, M; Cherrie, M; et al.
    3 March 2016Language spoken at home and the association between ethnicity and doctor-patient communication in primary care: Analysis of survey data for South Asian and White British patients  Brodie, K; Abel, G; Burt, J
    23 January 2015Large conductance Ca²⁺-activated K⁺ (BK) channels promote secretagogue-induced transition from spiking to bursting in murine anterior pituitary corticotrophs.  Duncan, PJ; Şengül, S; Tabak, J; et al.
    22 June 2020Large copy number variants in UK Biobank caused by clonal haematopoiesis may confound penetrance estimates  Tuke, M; Tyrrell, J; Ruth, K; et al.
    28 September 2015Large-scale genomic analyses link reproductive aging to hypothalamic signaling, breast cancer susceptibility and BRCA1-mediated DNA repair  Day, FR; Ruth, KS; Thompson, DJ; et al.
    1 September 2014Large-scale meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies six new risk loci for Parkinson's disease  Nalls, MA; Pankratz, N; Lill, CM; et al.
    30 November 2015Lay knowledge, social movements and the use of medicines: Personal reflections.  Britten, Nicky; Maguire, Kath
    3 March 2020Learning from a Feasibility Trial of a Simple Intervention: Is Research a Barrier to Service Delivery, or is Service Delivery a Barrier to Research?  Frost, J; Britten, N
    1 July 2014Learning to Run From Narrative Foreclosure: One Woman's Story of Aging and Physical Activity.  Griffin, Meridith; Phoenix, Cassandra
    29 November 2016Leaving foster or residential care: a participatory study of care leavers' experiences of health and social care transitions.  Liabo, K; McKenna, C; Ingold, A; et al.
    1 October 2016Length of FMR1 repeat alleles within the normal range does not substantially affect the risk of early menopause  Ruth, KS; Bennett, CE; Schoemaker, MJ; et al.
    24 January 2014Leptin-induced endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation of peripheral arteries in lean and obese rats: role of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide.  Jamroz-Wiśniewska, A; Gertler, A; Solomon, G; et al.
    11 April 2019Lessons from a publicly funded tier 2 healthy weight programme in Cornwall, UK  Williams, AJ; Barter, T; Sharpe, RA
    1 July 2016Lessons from genome-wide association studies in reproductive medicine: menopause.  Ruth, KS; Murray, A
    12 February 2015Lessons learned from recruiting socioeconomically disadvantaged smokers into a pilot randomized controlled trial to explore the role of Exercise Assisted Reduction then Stop (EARS) smoking  Thompson, TP; Greaves, CJ; Ayres, R; et al.
    2015Let's talk about psychosis  McCabe, Rose; Steele, A
    1 August 2012Leukocyte CCR2 expression is associated with mini-mental state examination score in older adults  Harries, LW; Bradley-Smith, Rachel; Llewellyn, DJ; et al.
    25 October 2018Leveraging DNA-Methylation Quantitative-Trait Loci to Characterize the Relationship between Methylomic Variation, Gene Expression, and Complex Traits  Hannon, E; Gorrie-Stone, TJ; Smart, MC; et al.