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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 April 2020Activity interventions to improve the experience of care in hospital for people living with dementia: A systematic review  Lourida, I; Gwernan-Jones, R; Abbott, R; et al.
    26 May 2021COVID-NURSE: evaluation of a fundamental nursing care protocol compared with care as usual on experience of care for noninvasively ventilated patients in hospital with the SARS-CoV-2 virus—protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial  Richards, DA; Sugg, HVR; Cockcroft, E; et al.
    3 June 2016Effectiveness of interventions to reduce ordering of thyroid function tests: a systematic review.  Zhelev, Z; Abbott, R; Rogers, M; et al.
    15 May 2020The experiences of hospital staff who provide care for people living with dementia: A systematic review and synthesis of qualitative studies  Gwernan-Jones, R; Abbott, R; Lourida, I; et al.
    9 May 2019How do "robopets" impact the health and well-being of residents in care homes? A systematic review of qualitative and quantitative evidence  Abbott, R; Orr, N; McGill, P; et al.
    27 November 2017Locating qualitative studies in dementia on MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, and PsycINFO: A comparison of search strategies  Rogers, M; Bethel, A; Abbott, R
    1 June 2021Meta-ethnography of the purpose of meaningful occupation for people living with dementia  Strick, K; Abbott, R; Thompson Coon, J; et al.
    31 October 2018Parent-to-parent support interventions for parents of babies cared for in a neonatal unit-protocol of a systematic review of qualitative and quantitative evidence  Hunt, H; Whear, R; Boddy, K; et al.
    13 December 2013Screen-based media use clusters are related to other activity behaviours and health indicators in adolescents.  Straker, L; Smith, A; Hands, B; et al.
    18 April 2019"They've walked the walk”: a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative evidence for parent-to-parent support for parents of babies in neonatal care  Hunt, H; Abbott, R; Boddy, K; et al.