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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 March 2013The accuracy of diagnostic coding for acute kidney injury in England - A single centre study  Tomlinson, LA; Riding, AM; Payne, RA; et al.
    28 June 2013Accuracy of routinely recorded ethnic group information compared with self-reported ethnicity: Evidence from the English Cancer Patient Experience survey  Saunders, CL; Abel, GA; El Turabi, A; et al.
    6 November 2013ACE inhibitor and angiotensin receptor-II antagonist prescribing and hospital admissions with acute kidney injury: A longitudinal ecological study  Tomlinson, LA; Abel, GA; Chaudhry, AN; et al.
    1 November 2016Adjusted indices of multiple deprivation to enable comparisons within and between constituent countries of the UK including an illustration using mortality rates  Abel, GA; Barclay, ME; Payne, RA
    8 November 2018Are inequalities in cancer diagnosis through emergency presentation narrowing, widening or remaining unchanged? Longitudinal analysis of English population-based data 2006-2013  Herbert, A; Abel, GA; Winters, S; et al.
    28 December 2017Associations between diagnostic activity and measures of patient experience in primary care: A cross-sectional ecological study of English general practices  Lyratzopoulos, G; Mendonca, SC; Gildea, C; et al.
    1 January 2018Associations between diagnostic pathways and care experience in colorectal cancer: Evidence from patient-reported data  Salika, T; Abel, GA; Mendonca, SC; et al.
    12 December 2018Associations between general practice characteristics with use of urgent referrals for suspected cancer and endoscopies: a cross-sectional ecological study.  Mendonca, SC; Abel, GA; Gildea, C; et al.
    25 September 2017Associations between sexual orientation and overall and site-specific diagnosis of cancer: Evidence from two national patient surveys in England  Saunders, CL; Meads, C; Abel, GA; et al.
    26 September 2019Cancer diagnoses after emergency GP referral or A&E attendance in England: determinants and time trends in Routes to Diagnosis data, 2006-2015  Herbert, A; Abel, GA; Winters, S; et al.
    3 March 2015Cancer-specific variation in emergency presentation by sex, age and deprivation across 27 common and rarer cancers  Abel, GA; Shelton, J; Johnson, S; et al.
    31 March 2014Cardiovascular polypharmacy is not associated with unplanned hospitalisation: Evidence from a retrospective cohort study  Appleton, SC; Abel, GA; Payne, RA
    1 January 2018Diagnosing cancer in primary care: Results from the National Cancer Diagnosis Audit  Swann, R; McPhail, S; Shand, B; et al.
    1 January 2017Diagnosis of cancer as an emergency: a critical review of current evidence  Zhou, Y; Abel, GA; Hamilton, W; et al.
    30 May 2019Diagnostic route is associated with care satisfaction independently of tumour stage: Evidence from linked English Cancer Patient Experience Survey and cancer registration data  Pham, TM; Gomez-Cano, M; Salika, T; et al.
    1 January 2016Do Differential Response Rates to Patient Surveys between Organizations Lead to Unfair Performance Comparisons? Evidence from the English Cancer Patient Experience Survey  Saunders, CL; Elliott, MN; Lyratzopoulos, G; et al.
    6 May 2015Does the availability of a South Asian language in practices improve reports of doctor-patient communication from South Asian patients? Cross sectional analysis of a national patient survey in English general practices  Ahmed, F; Abel, GA; Lloyd, CE; et al.
    30 May 2013Drivers of overall satisfaction with primary care: Evidence from the English General Practice Patient Survey  Paddison, CAM; Abel, GA; Roland, MO; et al.
    25 May 2017Emergency diagnosis of cancer and previous general practice consultations: Insights from linked patient survey data  Abel, GA; Mendonca, SC; McPhail, S; et al.
    3 March 2015Estimating the potential survival gains by eliminating socioeconomic and sex inequalities in stage at diagnosis of melanoma  Rutherford, MJ; Ironmonger, L; Ormiston-Smith, N; et al.