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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 March 2019Assessing Patient-Centred Outcomes in Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy: a systematic review and standardised comparison of English language Rating systems  Evans, J; Porter, I; Gangannagaripalli, J; et al.
    30 May 2017Can agent-based simulation be used as a tool to support polypharmacy prescribing practice?  Chalk, D; Manzi, S; Britten, N; et al.
    22 November 2017Collaborative action for person-centred coordinated care (P3C): an approach to support the development of a comprehensive system-wide solution to fragmented care.  Lloyd, HM; Pearson, M; Sheaff, R; et al.
    30 September 2016Electronic Quality of Life Assessment using computer-adaptive testing  Gibbons, C; Bower, P; Lovell, K; et al.
    4 January 2019The International comparison of Systems of care and patient outcomes In minor Stroke and Tia (InSIST) study: A community-based cohort study  Levi, CR; Lasserson, D; Quain, D; et al.
    5 December 2014An overview of self-administered health literacy instruments  O'Neill, B; Gonçalves, D; Ricci-Cabello, I; et al.
    16 August 2018Patient-Centred Outcomes in Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy: a systematic review of available evidence in UK populations  Evans, J; Smith, C; Porter, I; et al.
    30 April 2014User-generated online health content: A survey of internet users in the United Kingdom  O'Neill, B; Ziebland, S; Valderas, J; et al.
    17 September 2015What research agenda could be generated from the European General Practice Research Network concept of Multimorbidity in Family Practice?  Le Reste, JY; Nabbe, P; Lingner, H; et al.