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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    6 January 2020The association between emotional disorder and absence from school in children and young people  Finning, K
    4 February 2019Beta cell differentiation status in Type 2 Diabetes  Jeffery, N
    25 March 2019Biophysical and biochemical effects and distribution of fatty acids in pancreatic beta cells and microvascular endothelial cells  Kahve, A
    20 July 2020Cardiac rehabilitation and physical activity levels in heart failure  Dibben, G
    1 June 2020Characterisation of immunometabolic responses in astrocytes  Robb, J
    8 June 2020Defining the contribution of dorsal vagal complex astrocytes to the regulation of food intake  MacDonald, A
    13 July 2020Defining the genetic and molecular basis of inherited eye diseases present in Pakistan  D'Atri, I
    4 May 2020Dementia, Identity, and the Role of Twitter  Talbot, C
    27 April 2020Developing an Intervention to Support GPs when Communicating with Patients with Emotional Concerns  Parker, D
    24 February 2020Developing clinical prediction models for diabetes classification and progression  Lynam, A
    8 June 2020Development and validation of clinical prediction models for dementia identification in non-specialist settings  Ranson, J
    6 April 2020Drawing a line in the sand: Autism diagnosis as social process  Hayes, J
    8 April 2019Dust, Cadmium and Rheumatoid Arthritis  Murphy, D
    10 February 2020The effect of macrophage polarisation on adipose tissue fibrosis in the context of hyperinsulinaemia  Symons, R
    2 March 2020Effects of Cadmium on Neutrophil Biology and the Potential Role in Autoantigen Formation in Rheumatoid Arthritis  Clarke, A
    18 February 2019Evaluation of vaccine effectiveness in older adults using routinely collected data: a quasi-experimental approach  Streeter, A
    22 June 2020Exploring the Epigenome of Neurons and Glia in Vitro to Determine their Utility as a Model for Alzheimer's Disease  Imm, J
    10 June 2019Functional genomic characterisation of animal models of AD: relevance to human dementia  Castanho, I
    29 April 2019The Impact of Glucose Variation on Human Astrocytes  Weightman Potter, P
    21 January 2019Improving literature searching in systematic reviews: the application of tailored literature searching compared to ‘the conventional approach’  Cooper, C