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  • Community-based Rehabilitation Training after stroke: protocol of a pilot randomised controlled trial (ReTrain) 

    Dean, S; Poltawski, L; Forster, A; Taylor, R; Spencer, A; James, M; Allison, R; Stevens, S; Norris, M; Shepherd, A; Calitri, RA (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016-10-03)
    Introduction: The ReTrain intervention aims to improve functional mobility, adherence to post-stroke exercise guidelines and quality of life for people after stroke. A definitive randomised controlled trial is required to ...
  • Physical activity, sleep, and fatigue in community dwelling stroke survivors 

    Calitri, RA; Shepherd, A; Pulsford, R; Poltawski, L; Forster, A; Taylor, R; Spencer, A; Hollands, L; James, M; Allison, R; Norris, M; Dean, S (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-05-21)
    Stroke can lead to physiological and psychological impairments and impact individuals’ physical activity (PA), fatigue and sleep patterns. We analysed wrist-worn accelerometry data and the Fatigue Assessment Scale from 41 ...