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  • Detection of a low-grade enteroviral infection in the islets of Langerhans of living patients newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 

    Krogvold, L; Edwin, B; Buanes, T; Frisk, G; Skog, O; Anagandula, M; Korsgren, O; Undlien, D; Eike, MC; Richardson, Sarah J.; Leete, Pia; Morgan, Noel G.; Oikarinen, S; Oikarinen, M; Laiho, JE; Hyoty, H; Ludvigsson, J; Hanssen, KF; Dahl-Jørgensen, K (American Diabetes Association, 2015-05)
    The Diabetes Virus Detection study (DiViD) is the first to examine fresh pancreatic tissue at the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes for the presence of viruses. Minimal pancreatic tail resection was performed 3-9 weeks after ...