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  • The Communist Party and the New Party 

    Thorpe, Andrew (Taylor & Francis, 2009)
    The New Party was never at the centre of the concerns of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). However, the CPGB had to take a line on the new organisation when it was formed, and tried to use it to smear Labour and ...
  • Communities, families and migration: some evidence from Cornwall 

    Deacon, Bernard (Maney Publishing, 2007-05)
    Taking its cue from Pooley and Turnbull’s (1998) claim that there is no evidence of any difference in the propensity to migrate by region or settlement size, this article investigates the appropriate scale for migration ...
  • 'Community and Exclusion: The Torrey Canyon Disaster of 1967' 

    Green, Anna; Cooper, Timothy (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2015)
    Oral historians have only recently begun to record the memories of communities affected by major oil spills. In this article we investigate how the first supertanker oil spill in 1967, the Torrey Canyon, is remembered in ...
  • The community of the Hellenes 

    Mitchell, Lynette G. (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
    A phenomenon that is closely linked to federalism among the Greek city states is the development and definition of the Hellenic community. As regional and local identities were taking shape, also by at least the mid sixth ...
  • A Companion to Roman Art 

    Borg, BE (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015-12-13)
  • A Companion to the Latin Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Metaphysics 

    Amerini, F; Galluzzo, Gabriele (Brill, 2014)
    In fourteen substantial essays this volume reconstructs the late medieval reception of this work, by focusing on the main medieval commentators and a common set of metaphysical topics.
  • Comparative Nonsense: French Galimatias and English Fustian 

    Roberts, Hugh (Society for Renaissance Studies, 2016-01-04)
    Two similar types of nonsense, ‘galimatias’ and ‘fustian’, emerged in late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century France and England respectively. Although they are far from being the earliest forms of nonsense, they ...
  • Comparative Study: The Ethnoarchaeology of Corral Abandonment in the Famorca District 

    Segui, J; Creighton, O.H (School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, 2004)
  • Comparing levels of subsistence stress amongst Norse settlers in Iceland and Greenland using levels of bone fat exploitation as an indicator 

    Outram, Alan K (Oxbow Books for the Association for Environmental Archaeology, 2003)
    The background to the Icelandic and Greenlandic sites under investigation is outlined and prior work on the Norse economies of the two islands is discussed. The importance of fat in the diet and the use of levels of bone ...
  • A Comparison of Paleo-Eskimo and Medieval Norse Bone Fat Exploitation in Western Greenland 

    Outram, Alan K (The University of Wisconsin Press, 1999)
    The importance of fat in the diet is outlined. The practice of rendering animal bones for their grease content is discussed. A methodology for identifying levels of bone fat exploitation, based upon the analysis of bone ...
  • 政治实践中的“中华民族”观念 ——从立宪到革命中国的三种自治 

    Yin, Z (Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, 2016-03-06)
    This paper aims to elaborate the complexity of “national” recognition used in contemporary Chinese political contexts of “national self-determination” and “regional ethnic autonomy”. The historical subject of study is the ...
  • Conceptualising Climate Change Archaeology 

    Van de Noort, Robert (Antiquity, 2011-09-01)
  • Conceptualizing Medieval Book Collections 

    Hinton, TG (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2016-02-24)
    This article argues for a conceptual distinction between the practices and ideologies of institutional learning on the one hand (whose natural vehicle was Latin, the language of formal education) and those of a vernacular ...
  • Confucian ecological vision and the Chinese eco-city 

    Zhuang, Yue (Elsevier, 2015-06)
    “Living in harmony with nature” is the slogan of the Chinese government’s campaign against the environmental crisis and has become the target of many mega eco-city projects which have emerged in China during the last decade. ...
  • Conservative Party agents in Second World War Britain 

    Thorpe, Andrew (Oxford University Press, 2007)
    The Second World War placed great pressures on the machinery and personnel of all political parties. Conservatives formed the view that their own machine had been especially hard hit by the challenges of the war years, and ...
  • Contested identities: the dissonant heritage of European town walls and walled towns 

    Bruce, D.M; Creighton, O.H (Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 2006-05)
    Town walls have always played a critical role in shaping the identities and images of the communities they embrace. Today, the surviving fabric of urban defences is a feature of heritage holding great potential as a cultural ...
  • Contested townscapes: the walled city as world heritage 

    Creighton, O.H (Routledge ( Taylor & Francis Group), 2007-09)
    Walled towns and cities feature prominently on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But, while a fundamental guiding principle of the WHS list is that properties are designated for the benefit of all, these historic ...
  • Contextual Bible Study: Characteristics and Challenges 

    Cornwall, Susannah (Liverpool University Press, 2012)
    At the Modern Church conference in February 2011 I gave a presentation on Contextual Bible Study, with reference to a research project I undertook with Revd Dr David Nixon at the University of Exeter in 2010. In this project ...
  • Contra Eunomium III 10 – who is Eunomius? 

    Ludlow, Morwenna (Brill, 2014)
    This paper will first give an overview of the contents of CE III10, before commenting in more detail on Gregory’s characterisation of his opponent, Eunomius. I hope to show that an understanding of this feature in particular ...
  • Contra mortem, petimus scientiam: pain, tragedy, death and medicine in BLOK/EKO 

    Goldingay, Sarah (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2012-11)
    This article uses Howard Barker's play BLOK/EKO as a poetic lens through which to explore questions of pain in the twenty-first century. Like the play, it asks could poetry replace medicine? To do this it interrogates one ...