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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 May 2020Herophilus and Erasistratus on the hēgemonikon  Leith, DB
    1 April 2007Hesychius continued  Dickey, Eleanor
    2020Hideous Hobgoblins: Monstrous Form in Darwin, Marx, and Joyce  Steven, M
    2016High Road to Hell: Milton, Blake, McCarthy  Steven, MA
    2014Hindu city and just empire: Banaras and India in Ali Ibrahim Khan's legal imagination  Chatterjee, Nandini
    2012Historians and Labour parties: changing methods, approaches and purposes  Thorpe, Andrew
    2004Historic Landscape Analysis: Deciphering the countryside  Rippon, Stephen
    2013Historic landscape character and sense of place  Rippon, Stephen
    2007Historic landscape characterisation: Its role in contemporary British archaeology and landscape history  Rippon, Stephen
    19 December 2019Histories of now: listening to women in British film  Williams, L; Cobb, S
    1 January 2015Historische Quellen, literarische Erzählungen, phantasievolle Konstruktionen: die vielen Leben von Theodora von Byzanz  Carlà, Filippo
    11 March 2019History and Poetry in Alonso de Castillo Solórzano’s Historia de Marco Antonio y Cleopatra (1639)  Bradbury, JD
    1 November 2017History Can't Always Help to Make Sense of the Future  Morley, NDG
    1 May 2013History teaching, pedagogy, curriculum and politics: dialogues and debates in regional, national, transnational, international and supranational settings  Guyver, R
    1 October 1990History's Domesday book  Guyver, RM
    19 June 2017Home and Hiddenness: Queer Theology, Domestication and Institutions  Cornwall, SM
    6 February 2020Home is where the heart is: building, belonging and emotional engagement in anti-austerity performance  Hillman, RA
    13 January 2014Hope and Indignation in Fortress Europe: Immigration and Neoliberal Globalization in Contemporary French Cinema  Higbee, Will
    2011Horses for the dead: funerary foodways in Bronze Age Kazakhstan  Outram, Alan K; Stear, Natalie A.; Kasparov, Alexei; et al.
    13 December 2012Household wealth, indebtedness, and economic growth in early modern England  Overton, Mark