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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 March 2018D. H. Lawrence and Post-Natal Depression  Martin, K
    2013Dancing to the rhythm of a geiger counter: modern(ist) narcissism and the anthropocenic shock  Florencio, Joao
    2010Darwin and Reductionisms: Victorian, Neo-Darwinian and Postgenomic Biologies  Richardson, Angelique
    2014De-Frontier: global order, Caliphate State, and Xinjiang problems in the context of ideological crisis  Yin, ZS
    2 June 2011De-Placing Future Memory project data  Isayev, Elena
    2007Deadlier than the male? Women and the death penalty in colonial Kenya and Nyasaland, c.1920-57  Hynd, Stacey
    12 November 2019Dealing with death in cancer care: should the oncologist be an amicus mortis?  Carrieri, D; Peccatori, FA; Grassi, L; et al.
    21 December 2019Decadence on the Silent Screen: Stannard, Coward, Hitchcock, and Wilde  Hext, K
    2015Deciphering the Gaze in Lacan's "Of the gaze as objet petit a"'  Scott, MC
    31 January 2018Decolonizing American: Native Americans in Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon  Freer, JE
    2008Decorum or Deterrence? The Politics of Execution in Malawi, 1915-1966  Hynd, Stacey
    7 December 2019Defining Rome's Pantheum  Siwicki, CS
    1 September 2017Delayed Cinema and Feminist Discourse in Fernando Fernán-Gómez's El mundo sigue (1963/1965/2015)  Faulkner, S
    2012Demons, evil and liminality in Cappadocian theology  Ludlow, Morwenna
    2020Depressing Time: Waiting, Melancholia, and the Psychoanalytic Practice of Care  Salisbury, L; Baraitser, L
    1 June 2007Destinations and origins of migrants to the USA, 1830-1910  Deacon, Bernard
    5 May 2013Destitute or gentleman? The voices and identity of the poor cloth workers of Exeter's 'Golden Age'  Bailey Treleaven, Tamsin
    27 September 2017Destory History: first response  Morley, NDG
    1 June 2003Developing multilateralism: the Havana charter and the fight for the International Trade Organization, 1947-1948  Toye, Richard
    31 August 2018Diasporic and Transnational Writing 1950-present  McWilliams, EM