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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1999Early castles and rural settlement patterns: insights from Yorkshire and the East Midlands  Creighton, O.H
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    1997Early Leicestershire castles: archaeology and landscape history  Creighton, O.H
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    1 May 2019Ecclesial Life and Political Practice: Re-appropriating Augustine’s Political Rhetoric in Contexts of Risk and Counter-Terrorism Strategy  Reed, E
    1 November 2014Ecological Hermeneutics: Reflections on Methods and Prospects for the Future  Horrell, David G.
    2013Ecology without nature, theatre without culture: towards an object-oriented ontology of performance  Florêncio, João
    2001Economic anatomy, element abundance and optimality: A new way of examining hunters’ bone transportation choices  Outram, Alan K
    1 May 2005Economy, empire, extermination: the Christmas pudding, the Crystal Palace and the narrative of capitalist progress.  Young, Paul K. F.
    2 July 2019Ecumenism as civilisational dialogue: Eastern Orthodox anti-ecumenism and Eastern Orthodox ecumenism. A creative or sterile antinomy?  Gallaher, B
    1 September 2014Editorial: Embodied Ministry: Gender, Sexuality and Formation  Cornwall, Susannah; Prendergast, Martin
    12 December 2019Editorial: What is New in Voice Training?  Thomaidis, K
    8 August 2019Educating physicians in seventeenth-century England  Barry, J
    3 June 2019Educating the local clergy, c. 900-c.1150  Hamilton, SM
    6 August 2019Education and literacy in ancient Italy: Evidence from the dedications to the goddess Reitia  McDonald, K
    3 June 2019Education and pleasure in the early church: perspectives from East and West  Ludlow, MA; Lunn-Rockliffe, S
    15 April 2020Education as a site of memory: developing a research agenda  Paulson, J; Abiti, N; Osorio, JB; et al.
    16 November 2018Een strijd om erkenning: de onderhandelingen over de Oostendse Compagnie (1713-1723)  Dreijer, G