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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 September 2016Face Value: The Rhetoric of Facial Disfigurement in American Film and Popular Culture, 1917-27  Kember, J
    28 February 2017Faire mémoire, composer de la poésie : La dévotion au culte de Sainte Leochade de Gautier de Coinci  Bolduc, MK
    28 February 2016Faithfulness to Our Sexuate Bodies: The Vocations of Generativity and Sex  Cornwall, SM
    23 January 2018Fallen idols, broken noses: Defacement and memory after the Reformation  Schwyzer, PA
    1 September 2005Familiar friend or alien stranger? On translating the Bible  Horrell, David G.
    29 December 2014Fantasmas romanos  Ogden, Daniel
    1 November 2014Farming regions in medieval England: the archaeobotanical and zooarchaeological evidence  Rippon, Stephen; Wainwright, Adam; Smart, Chris
    2012Farms, fields and mines: an historic landscape analysis of Calstock parish  Wainwright, Adam; Smart, Chris; Rippon, Stephen
    30 August 2017Fear and Pride: Sir William Chambers' Dissertation on Oriental Gardening, Burke's sublime and China  Zhuang, Y
    1 October 2015Fear, hope, and doing good: wives as a paradigm of mission in 1 Peter  Horrell, David G.
    2020Feeling Working Class: Affective class identification and its implications for overcoming inequality  Beswick, K
    27 September 2018Feminist Encounters with the Medical Humanities  Funke, J; Foster, SL
    1 June 2015Figlie di papà? Adolescent girls between the ‘incest motif’ and female friendship in contemporary Italian film comedy  Hipkins, Danielle
    1 June 2017Finding commerce: the taberna and the identification of Roman commercial space  Holleran, C
    22 January 2018Finding Galicia in Europe: European Travelogues of Early Galician Nationalists  Brown, K
    9 April 2012Fire-free land use in pre-1492 Amazonian savannas  Iriarte, José; Power, M.J.; Rostain, S.; et al.
    2002Flat, Flatter, Flattest - the English Heritage Wetland Surveys in Retrospect  Van de Noort, Robert
    2007Focus or frontier? The significance of estuaries in the landscape of southern Britain  Rippon, Stephen
    1 June 2018Folk like us: Emotional movement from the screen and the platform in British life model lantern slide sets, 1880-1910  Kember, J; Crangle, R
    5 March 2018Food as medicine: Diet, diabetes management, and the patient in twentieth century Britain.  Moore, MD