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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 November 2017Galen in Syriac: Rethinking Old Assumptions  Bhayro, S
    2015Gars-Thunau, Austria  Herold, Hajnalka
    1 July 1983Genèse de l'hôpital moderne. Les hospices civils de Lyon de 1802 à 1845, review  Jones, Colin
    1 May 2017Genus as Matter in Aristotle’s Metaphysics. A Reconsideration  Galluzzo, G
    2013Geochemical survey and metalworking: a case study from Exmoor, southwest Britain  Carey, C; Juleff, G
    1 August 2010Geophysical survey at Membury Court, Membury, East Devon  Smart, Chris
    1 November 2016Georges Florovsky  Gallaher, BDF
    1 December 2016Getting a job: finding work in the city of Rome  Holleran, C
    2016Ghosts from Limbo Patrum: Dalkey Archive Press and Institutional Literary History  Foley, A
    31 January 2018Global Circulation and Some Problems in Liberalism, Liberalization, and Neoliberalism  Gagnier, Regenia
    27 September 2017Global intimacy and cultural intoxication: Japanese and South Korean film in the twenty-first century  Gee, FC
    2015Global Studies  Gagnier, Regenia
    11 December 2018Globalization versus the State? Macro and micro-perspectives on Roman economies  Pitts, MEJ
    1 March 2014Gloria SMH and Beckett’s Linguistic Encryptions  Salisbury, Laura
    1 June 2007God, pilgrimage, and acknowledgement of place  Wynn, Mark
    15 February 2019Godmanhood vs Mangodhood: An eastern orthodox response to transhumanism  Gallaher, B
    1 November 2015God’s Creation Wild and Violent, and Our Care for Other Animals  Southgate, Christopher
    7 December 2016Going to War Against the Middle Kingdom? Continuity and Change in British Attitudes towards Qing China (1793–1840)  Gao, H
    12 December 2017Google and advertising: digital capitalism in the context of Post-Fordism, the reification of language, and the rise of fake news  Graham, Richard
    27 January 2015Gothic Fiction and the Evolution of Media Technology  Crawford, Joseph