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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 November 2017H. G. Wells, Geology and the Ruins of Time  Shackleton, DCE
    2008H.G. Wells and the New Liberalism  Toye, Richard
    3 September 2018Hambone's Call: Nathaniel Mackey and Editorial Poetics  Foley, A
    1 March 2019Hamlet’s ‘Spendthrift Sigh’: Emotional Breathing On and Off the Stage  Tsentourou, PN
    1 October 1999Hans Frei and David Tracy on the ordinary and the extraordinary in Christianity  Higton, Mike
    12 November 2015Harnessing the power of difference: colonialism and British chronic disease research, 1940-1975  Moore, Michael D.
    2019Hart Crane: The "Architectural Art"  Gill, J
    2014Haunted thoughts of the careful experimentalist: psychical research and the troubles of experimental physics  Noakes, Richard
    2007Headscarves, human rights, and harmonious multicultural society: implications of the French ban for interpretations of equality  Wiles, E
    20 November 2018Health education and migration  Thomas, F; Chase, E; Aggleton, P
    8 June 2017Health-related shame: an affective determinant of health?  Dolezal, L; Lyons, B
    26 April 2019Healthcare Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care for Trans People: Envisaging the Future  Cornwall, SM
    2016Heavenly principles? The translation of international law in 19th century China and the constitution of universality  Yin, Z
    21 March 2018Heimat as a Geography of Postwar Renewal: Life after Death and Local Democratic Identities in Cologne, 1945–1965  DeWaal, J
    1 October 2005Heine's Russian Doppelgänger: Nineteenth-Century Translations of his Poetry  Hodgson, Katharine
    1 January 2001Hell upon Earth or the Language of the Playhouse  Barry, J
    2020Hellenic Romans and Barbaric Macedonians: Polybius on Hellenism and Changing Hegemonic Powers  Nicholson, E
    1 March 2017Henry IV of Germany: A Bad King?  Roach, L
    24 July 2014Here’s one I made earlier: the development and communication of ancient medical scientific theories through analogy and demonstration  Stewart, Keith
    1 October 2016Herman Melville's Retirement  Riley, PJ