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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2016Macht und Ohnmacht der Erziehung: Kleist im Kontext von Wieland und Schiller  Schmidt, Ricarda
    1 December 2017Maeve Brennan and James Joyce  McWilliams, EM
    27 July 2017Maeve Brennan, Celebrity, and Harper's Bazaar in the 1940s  McWilliams, EM
    1 March 2016Mahzar-namas in the Mughal and British Empires: The Uses of an Indo-Islamic Legal Form  Chatterjee, Nandini
    1 October 2018Makers and Keepers of Networks: Amerindian Spaces, Migrations, and Exchanges in the Brazilian Amazon and French Guiana, 1600–1730.  Espelt-Bombin, S
    6 November 2019Making and being made: some preliminary thoughts on craft-education as a model for Christian formation  Ludlow, M
    2004Making the Most of a Bad Situation? Glastonbury Abbey, Meare, and the Medieval Exploitation of Wetland Resources in the Somerset Levels  Rippon, Stephen
    1 January 2017Man about the House: Male Domesticity and Fatherhood in Soviet Visual Satire under Khrushchev  McCallum, C
    2020Managing Shipping Risk: General Average and Marine Insurance in early modern Genoa  Piccinno, L; Iodice, A
    1 February 2006Manon Through the Lens of Clouzot (1948): ‘images troublantes et précises’  Wynn, Thomas
    1 August 2011Manufacturing Orgasm: Visuality, Aurality, and Female Sexual Pleasure in Tsai Ming-liang’s The Wayward Cloud  Lim, Song Hwee
    1 January 2003Manzoni, il Seicento francese e il giansenismo  Parisi, Luciano
    16 August 2019Marcus Braun and “White Slavery”: Shifting Perceptions of People Smuggling and Human Trafficking in America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century  Allerfeldt, KM
    30 July 2020Maria Venturi e Lorenza Ghinelli: un ottimismo incauto?  Parisi, L
    2018Marie de Gournay et le Parnasse des femmes  Taylor, HM
    13 July 2018Marketing Circus through Personalization: Class and the Celebrity Images of John Ringling and Bertram Mills  Holmes, K
    9 February 2020Marx and Manchester: The Evolution of the Socialist Internationalist Free-Trade Tradition, c.1846-1946  Palen, M-W
    2009Materielle Kultur – technologische Traditionen – Identität, Untersuchungen zur Archäologie des Frühmittelalters in Niederösterreich (Material Culture – Technological Traditions – Identity: Investigations of the Archaeology of the Early Middle Ages in Lower Austria – in German with a summary in English)  Herold, Hajnalka
    1 December 1997Me autem nomine appellabat: avoidance of Cicero's name in his dialogues  Dickey, Eleanor
    31 October 2017Measuring impact in the humanities: learning from accountability and economics in a contemporary history of cultural value  Bulaitis, Z