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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2019Nachttraum, Tagtraum und Rausch bei E.T.A. Hoffmann  Schmidt, R
    1 January 2014Narratives of child sexual abuse in Cristina Comencini's Novel 'La bestia nel cuore'  Parisi, Luciano
    1 February 2005Nathaniel William Taylor and Thomas Reid: Scottish common-sense philosophy's impact upon the formation of New Haven theology in antebellum America  DeLashmutt, Michael
    22 March 2017National Representations, National Theatres: Aubrey Menen and the Experimental Theatre Company  Stadtler, FCJ
    2012Natural History and Information Overload: the Case of Linnaeus  Charmantier, I; Müller-Wille, S
    2013Natural History and Narrative Sympathy: The Children's Animal Stories of Edward Augustus Kendall (1775/6? - 1842)  Spencer, Jane
    2012Navigating culture: navigational instruments as cultural artefacts, c. 1550-1650  Blakemore, Richard J.
    29 October 2018Navigation  Turner, C
    1 October 1990Nb-Mʿt-Rʿ-United-with-Ptah  Morkot, Robert
    26 February 2015Nectanebo's seduction of Olympias and the benign anguiform deities of the ancient Greek world  Ogden, Daniel
    1 June 2007Net migration, Registration Sub-Districts, 1851-91  Deacon, Bernard
    1 June 2007Net native migration proportions by age and sex, Registration Districts 1851-91  Deacon, Bernard
    2016Networks in imperial history  Curless, Gareth; Hynd, Stacey; Alanamu, Temilola Adunni Seinab; et al.
    2015New readings of the multilingual Petelia curse tablet  McDonald, K; Tagliapietra, L; Zair, N
    17 October 2017News from the Invisible World: The Publishing History of Tales of the Supernatural c.1660-1832  Barry, J
    1 December 2006Néomorts et faux vivants: communautés dépeuplées chez Beckett et Agamben  Jones, David Houston
    2019Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o: Networks, Literary Activism and the Production of World Literature  Wallis, K
    2016Niceros, Hermotimus and Bisclavret: Werewolves, Souls and Innkeepers  Ogden, Daniel
    1 February 2017Nietzsche on Film  Steven, M
    1 December 2014Nino Luraghi, editor. The splendors and miseries of ruling alone: encounters with monarchy from archaic Greece to the Hellenistic Mediterranean. (Studies in Ancient Monarchies, no. 1.) Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2013.  Mitchell, Lynette G.