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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 July 2016Sacred destruction?: Anticlericalism, iconoclasm and the sacralisation of politics in twentieth-century Spain  Thomas, MA
    14 June 2018Science and Evil  Southgate, CCB
    1 April 1982Science and polity in France at the end of the Old Regime, review  Jones, Colin
    2010Science and Technology: Taming Electricity, Connecting the World  Noakes, Richard
    17 August 2009Science and theology in Gregory of Nyssa’s De anima et resurrectione: astronomy and automata.  Ludlow, Morwenna
    1 July 2017Science at the Seaside: Pleasure Hunts in Victorian Devon  Plunkett, JS
    1 September 2002Science in Mid-Victorian Punch  Noakes, Richard
    22 September 2005Science in the nineteenth-century periodical: an electronic index  Noakes, Richard
    2001Science-based conservation and management in wetland archaeology: the example of Sutton Common, UK  Van de Noort, Robert; Chapman, Henry; Cheetham, James
    1 April 2015Scorched by the Fire of War: Masculinity, War Wounds and Disability in Soviet Visual Culture, 1941-65  McCallum, CE
    25 August 2018Seasonal records of palaeoenvironmental change and resource use from archaeological assemblages  Pryor, AJE; Prendergast, A; Reade, H; et al.
    2016Seleucus, his signet ring and his diadem  Ogden, D
    3 July 2019Self-referentiality and neoliberalism in contemporary Argentine cinema  Pinazza, N
    2 April 2020Selling the Empire?: Marketing and the demise of the British World, c.1920-1960  Thackeray, D
    1 September 2015Senses of place, senses of time: landscape history from a British perspective  Whyte, Nicola
    25 March 2018Serving the State: empire, expertise and the British hemp crisis, 1800-1801  Davey, JP
    10 January 2019Settlements of the Avar Khaganate  Herold, H
    1 July 2014Sex Otherwise: Intersex, Christology and the Maleness of Jesus  Cornwall, Susannah
    24 September 2018Sexology, Popular Science and Queer History in Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others)  Linge, I
    29 May 2008Sexual and political liberty and neo-Latin poetics: the Heroides of Mark Alexander Boyd  Paleit, Edward