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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    6 July 2016Aldingham Motte, Cumbria and its Environs in the Medieval Period  Nevell, Richard
    6 March 2019An Anglo-Norman Reader. By Jane Bliss  Mills, E
    20 August 2019Bespreking van: R. Zijlmans, Troebele betrekkingen. Grens-, scheepvaart- en waterstaatskwesties in de Nederlanden tot 1800 (Hilversum, Verloren, 2016)  De ruysscher, D; Dreijer, G
    29 April 2015Between Manuscript and Print: Literary Reception in Late Medieval France  Cayley, EJ
    30 May 2018Book review: Before Nature: A Christian Spirituality, by H. Paul Santmire  Southgate, CCB
    28 January 2020Book review: Een zee van traan: vier eeuwen Nederlandse walvisvaart 1612–1964 by J. R. Bruijn and L. Hacquebord, Walburg Pers, 2019, ISBN 9789462493650  Dreijer, G
    31 July 2019Book review: Francisco Fuster, Aire de familia: Historia íntima de los Baroja. Madrid: Cátedra. 2018  Murphy, KA
    10 January 2020Book review: Hunter (R.) de Jonge (C. C.) (edd.) Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Augustan Rome: Rhetoric, Criticism and Historiography. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-108-47490-0  Nicholson, E
    1 July 2017Book review: Le Français médiéval par les textes: anthologie commentée. Sous la direction de Joëlle Ducos, Olivier Soutet et Jean-René Valette  Mills, E
    24 April 2019Book review: Miriam Felton-Dansky. Viral Performance: Contagious Theaters from Modernism to the Digital Age  Curtin, A
    15 September 2018Book review: Nikos Miltsios / Melina Tamiolaki (eds.): Polybius and His Legacy  Nicholson, EL
    20 December 2019Book review: Performing Endurance: Art and Politics since 1960 by Lara ShalsonCambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018, xiii + 206 pp, ISBN 9781108426459 (hardback)  Roms, H
    1 April 2019Book review: Religion in the Anthropocene, edited by Celia Deane-Drummond, Sigurd Bergmann and Markus Vogt. Eugen, OR.: Cascade Books, 2017. 338pp. ISBN 978-1-4982-9191-0  Southgate, C
    17 December 2018Book review: Revolutionary Nativism: Fascism and Culture in China, 1925–1937. By Maggie Clinton  Yin, ZS
    19 April 2016Book review: Separate but Equal: Cistercian Lay Brothers 1120–1350 by James France  Birkett, H
    13 July 2019Book review: The Design Politics of the Passport: Materiality, Immobility, and Dissent. Mahmoud Keshavarz, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018. ISBN: 9781474289399.  Rahman, S
    1 July 2018Book review: The French of Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Jocelyn Wogan-Browne. Edited by Thelma Fenster and Carolyn P. Collette  Mills, E
    1 February 2019Book review: William Greenway, The Challenge of Evil: Grace and the Problem of Suffering  Southgate, CCB
    24 October 2016Book reviews: Emergence for Life Not Fall from Grace: Making Sense of the Jesus Story in the Light of Evolution, by K. Treston, and The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love, by I. Delio  Southgate, CCB
    3 June 2019Emma Nicholson reviewing John Boardman, Alexander the Great: From His Death to the Present Day (49-51)  Nicholson, EL