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  • Editorial 

    MAiA Editorial Team (University of Exeter, 2010)
    This is the first in an annual series of themed issues published by MAiA, and focuses on the role of the arts and music in conflict transformation and peace building
  • Editorial 

    MAiA Editorial Team (University of Exeter, 2009)
    This issue of Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) marks the start of our second year. As we arrive at our third issue, it has become clear that our desire to give musical and artistic forms a more central place in the study ...
  • Editorial 

    Boia, Pedro S; Robertson, Craig; Guran-Aydin, Pinar; Gracio, Rita; Mead, Rosanna; Schurig, Eva (University of Exeter, 2017)
  • Editorial 

    MAiA Editorial Team (University of Exeter, 2014)
    After a brief hiatus, it is our pleasure to welcome you back to Music and Arts in Action (MAiA), published by the Sociology of the Arts (SocArts) research group at the University of Exeter, UK. In this general issue, we ...
  • Editorial 

    Boia, PS (University of Exeter, 2016)
    It is our pleasure to announce a new issue of Music and Arts in Action (MAiA), published by the SocArts Research Group, University of Exeter, UK, which provides the reader with rich insights into realities remarkably ...
  • Editorial: Improvisation Among the Discourses 

    Stewart, J (University of Exeter, 2016)
    Tis Special Issue of Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) is a collection essays that began as talks that were delivered at the 2010 symposium, “Flirting with Uncertainty: Improvisation in Performance”, that was organized by ...
  • “Filling out the forms was a nightmare”: project evaluation and the reflective practitioner in community theatre in Contemporary Northern Ireland 

    Jennings, Matthew; Baldwin, Andrea (University of Exeter, 2010)
    Since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, large sums have been invested in community theatre projects in Northern Ireland, in the interests of conflict transformation and peace building. While this injection of funds has ...
  • The Flemish Lions Singing: Community imagination and historical legitimisation of nationalism at the 76th Flemish National Song Festival 

    Mazzola, A (University of Exeter, 2016)
    The purpose of this article is to examine how music is used as a tool to express political claims as well as to strengthen the collective consciousness of the Flemish nationalist movement in the context of the 76th Flemish ...
  • Guest Editorial, Music and the Arts in Health: A Perspective from the United States 

    Sonke, Jill (University of Exeter, 2011)
    While music and other art forms have long been associated with health promotion, their place in health practices and the specific constructs that effect healing and wellness have been difficult to define. This guest editorial ...
  • Health Musicing - Music Therapy or Music and Health? A model, empirical examples and personal reflections 

    Bonde, Lars Ole (University of Exeter, 2011)
    The field of music therapy is expanding rapidly into new areas, practices and interdisciplinary fields, as well as redefining its goals and values. Increasingly "music and health" is used to describe the field when it comes ...
  • How People Who Are Dying or Mourning Engage with the Arts 

    Walter, Tony (University of Exeter, 2012)
    Though death and loss are recognized as significant themes in fine and popular arts forms, we know virtually nothing about how people who themselves are dying or bereaved use the arts - unless they are practising artists ...
  • How Support Personnel Shape Artworks: the case of stage managers 

    Kordsmeier, Gregory T (University of Exeter, 2017)
    It is commonly accepted in the sociology of art that artworks are created in collaboration. In an attempt to take artworks seriously from a sociological perspective, this paper explores how the collaboration of all the ...
  • Interactive theatre: drama as social intervention 

    Somers, John William (University of Exeter, 2008-06)
    In the book Performing Communities, Bill Rauch, Artistic Director of US-based Cornerstone Theater Company, is quoted as saying: You cannot predict what art changes. You’re naïve if you think you know you’re going to change ...
  • Keywords in Musical Free Improvisation 

    Bergstroem-Nielsen, C (University of Exeter, 2016)
    This article presents some keywords and concepts concerning free improvised music and its recent developments drawing from ongoing bibliographical research. A radical pluralism stems from musicians' backgrounds and the ...
  • Listen! 

    Hennion, Antoine (University of Exeter, 2008-06)
    This article reformulates the sociology of music as an exercise that is not content with merely circling around music, either in order to give it a context or to turn it into a social resource for any kind of claim. By ...
  • The Making of a Cultural Icon: The Electric Guitar 

    Danaher, B (University of Exeter, 2014)
    This article investigates how products of material culture can become cultural icons. Employing ideas from the production of culture perspective, this research traces the historical process by which the electric guitar was ...
  • Making opera work: bricolage and the management of dramaturgy 

    Atkinson, Paul (University of Exeter, 2010)
    Based on an ethnographic study of an international opera company, the paper reports a number of aspects of preparation, rehearsal and performance. It documents the creation of operatic productions as everyday, mundane work. ...
  • The Modern Idea of Creativity and its Influence on Music Therapy 

    Wakao, Y (University of Exeter, 2016)
    In recent years, improvisation has been recognized as one of the most important tools for music therapy. Several accounts have been made concerning the importance of improvisation, each from a particular music therapists ...
  • Music and art in conflict transformation: a review 

    Bergh, Arild; Sloboda, John (University of Exeter, 2010)
    Since the early 1990s, there has been an increase in the use of music and the arts within a conflict transformation context. This guest editorial discusses the developments in this research and practical area. The current ...
  • Music and Arts in Health Promotion and Death Education: The St Christopher’s Schools Project 

    Tsiris, Giorgos; Tasker, Marion; Lawson, Virginia; Prince, Gerry; Dives, Tamsin; Sands, Mick; Ridley, Andrew (University of Exeter, 2011)
    The reality of death and dying is rarely discussed openly in modern Western societies, while death sometimes is even considered to be a ‘failure’ in the context of traditional, medically-focused healthcare systems. Similarly, ...