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    1 November 2010Daily bisphenol A excretion and associations with sex hormone concentrations: results from the InCHIANTI adult population study  Galloway, Tamara S.; Cipelli, Riccardo; Guralnik, Jack; et al.
    6 March 2018Daily therapy with a slow-releasing H2S donor GYY4137 enables early functional recovery and ameliorates renal injury associated with urinary obstruction.  Lin, S; Lian, D; Liu, W; et al.
    5 October 2014Defining the role of common variation in the genomic and biological architecture of adult human height.  Wood, AR; Esko, T; Yang, J; et al.
    29 March 2022Defining the role of SGLT2 inhibitors in primary care: Time to think differently.  Evans, M; Morgan, AR; Bain, SC; et al.
    15 November 2017Delving deep into the proteome of lung fibrosis brings plasma cells to the surface  Gibbons, MA; Scotton, CJ
    9 June 2022Detection and characterization of male sex chromosome abnormalities in the UK Biobank study  Zhao, Y; Gardner, EJ; Tuke, MA; et al.
    1 May 2015Detection of a low-grade enteroviral infection in the islets of Langerhans of living patients newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes  Krogvold, L; Edwin, B; Buanes, T; et al.
    26 July 2022Detection of antiviral tissue responses and increased cell stress in the pancreatic islets of newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes patients: results from the DiViD study  Krogvold, L; Leete, P; Mynarek, IM; et al.
    1 March 2014Detection of enterovirus in the islet cells of patients with type 1 diabetes: what do we learn from immunohistochemistry? Reply to Hansson SF, Korsgren S, Pontén F et al [letter].  Richardson, Sarah J.; Leete, Pia; Dhayal, S; et al.
    22 July 2022Detection of enterovirus RNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells correlates with the presence of the predisposing allele of the type 1 diabetes risk gene IFIH1 and with disease stage  Sioofy-Khojine, A-B; Richardson, SJ; Locke, JM; et al.
    28 August 2020Determinants of renal oxygen metabolism during low Na + diet: effect of angiotensin II AT 1 and aldosterone receptor blockade  Patinha, D; Carvalho, C; Persson, P; et al.
    22 November 2017Developing the next generation of graphene-based platforms for cancer therapeutics: The potential role of reactive oxygen species.  Tabish, TA; Zhang, S; Winyard, PG
    16 September 2021Development and presentation of an objective risk stratification tool for healthcare workers when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: risk modelling based on hospitalisation and mortality statistics compared with epidemiological data  Strain, WD; Jankowski, J; Davies, AP; et al.
    17 January 2019Development and Standardization of an Improved Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Risk Score for Use in Newborn Screening and Incident Diagnosis  Sharp, SA; Rich, SS; Wood, AR; et al.
    1 May 2018Development and validation of a path length calculation for Carotid-Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement: A TASCFORCE, SUMMIT, and Caerphilly Collaborative Venture.  Weir-McCall, JR; Brown, L; Summersgill, J; et al.
    26 September 2019Development and validation of multivariable clinical diagnostic models to identify type 1 diabetes requiring rapid insulin therapy in adults aged 18 to 50 years  Lynam, A; McDonald, T; Hill, A; et al.
    16 September 2021Development of an Objective Risk Stratification Tool to facilitate workplace assessments of healthcare workers when dealing with the CoViD-19 pandemic  Strain, WD; Jankowski, J; Davies, A; et al.
    2016Development of genetic testing for Fragile X syndrome and associated disorders, and estimates of the prevalence of FMR1 expansion mutations  Macpherson, JN; Murray, A
    1 September 2015Development of oedema is associated with an improved glycaemic response in patients initiating thiazolidinediones: a MASTERMIND study  Dennis, JM; Hattersley, AT; Weedon, M; et al.
    9 May 2022Developmental disruption to the cortical transcriptome and synaptosome in a model of SETD1A loss-of-function.  Clifton, NE; Bosworth, ML; Haan, N; et al.