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    19 December 2016M1 muscarinic allosteric modulators slow prion neurodegeneration and restore memory loss  Bradley, SJ; Bourgognon, J-M; Sanger, HE; et al.
    16 January 2018MAFA missense mutation causes familial insulinomatosis and diabetes mellitus  Iacovazzo, D; Flanagan, S; Walker, E; et al.
    16 January 2018MAFA missense mutation causes familial insulinomatosis and diabetes mellitus  Iacovazzo, D; Flanagan, S; Walker, E; et al.
    1 March 2017Major histocompatibility complex class II (MHCII) and its transcriptional regulator, CIITA, are aberrantly expressed in discrete beta cells in individuals with Type 1 diabetes  Russell, MA; Foulis, AK; Krogvold, L; et al.
    12 February 2016MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry discriminates known species and marine environmental isolates of Pseudoalteromonas  Emami, K; Nelson, A; Hack, E; et al.
    13 June 2017Management of sulfonylurea treated monogenic diabetes in pregnancy: implications of placental Glibenclamide transfer  Shepherd, M; Brook, AJ; Chakera, AJ; et al.
    3 August 2016Mapping epigenetic changes to the host cell genome induced by Burkholderia pseudomallei reveals pathogen-specific and pathogen-generic signatures of infection  Cizmeci, D; Dempster, EL; Champion, OL; et al.
    9 November 2017Marked intrafamilial variability of exocrine and endocrine pancreatic phenotypes due to a splice site mutation in GATA6  Savova, R; De Franco, E; Shaw-Smith, C; et al.
    4 August 2015Markers of β-Cell Failure Predict Poor Glycemic Response to GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes  Jones, AG; McDonald, TJ; Shields, BM; et al.
    4 September 2020Massive pulmonary embolism in patients with extreme bleeding risk: a case series on the successful use of ultrasound-assisted, catheter directed thrombolysis in a district general hospital  He, J; Clayton, B; Kurdi, H; et al.
    1 May 2019Maternal and fetal genetic effects on birth weight and their relevance to cardio-metabolic risk factors  Warrington, NM; Beaumont, RN; Horikoshi, M; et al.
    1 January 2016Maternal hypothyroxinaemia in pregnancy is associated with obesity and adverse maternal metabolic parameters.  Knight, BA; Shields, BM; Hattersley, Andrew T.; et al.
    26 February 2016Maternal thyroid function in pregnant women with a breech presentation in late gestation.  Knight, BA; Shields, BM; Sturley, R; et al.
    17 April 2018Measurement of Wall Shear Stress Exerted by Flowing Blood in the Human Carotid Artery: Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry and Echo Particle Image Velocimetry  Gates, PE; Gurung, A; Mazzaro, L; et al.
    29 January 2015Mechanisms of Translocation of ER Chaperones to the Cell Surface and Immunomodulatory Roles in Cancer and Autoimmunity.  Wiersma, VR; Michalak, M; Abdullah, TM; et al.
    19 January 2022Meeting the Challenge of Virtual Diabetes Care: A Consensus Viewpoint on the Positioning and Value of Oral Semaglutide in Routine Clinical Practice  Evans, M; Morgan, AR; Bain, SC; et al.
    2 February 2018Mendelian adult-onset leukodystrophy genes in Alzheimer's disease: critical influence of CSF1R and NOTCH3.  Sassi, C; Nalls, MA; Ridge, PG; et al.
    26 October 2020Mendelian randomization study of maternal influences on birthweight and future cardiometabolic risk in the HUNT cohort  Moen, GH; Brumpton, B; Willer, C; et al.
    22 January 2012Meta-analyses identify 13 loci associated with age at menopause and highlight DNA repair and immune pathways  Stolk, L; Perry, JRB; Chasman, DI; et al.
    8 January 2018Meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies of cognitive abilities  Marioni, RE; McRae, AF; Bressler, J; et al.