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  • Brief Report: AIP Mutation in Pituitary Adenomas in the 18th Century and Today 

    Chahal, HS; Stals, K; Unterlander, M; Balding, DJ; Thomas, MG; Kumar, AV; Besser, GM; Atkinson, AB; Morrison, PJ; Howlett, TA; Levy, MJ; Orme, SM; Akker, SA; Abel, RL; Grossman, AB; Burger, J; Ellard, Sian; Korbonits, M (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2011-01-06)
    Gigantism results when a growth hormone–secreting pituitary adenoma is present before epiphyseal fusion. In 1909, when Harvey Cushing examined the skeleton of an Irish patient who lived from 1761 to 1783,1-3 he noted an ...