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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 January 2019Being tested but not educated - A qualitative focus group study exploring patients' perceptions of diabetic dietary advice  Arana, MA; Valderas, JM; Solomon, J
    11 February 2019Best practice in active surveillance for men with prostate cancer: a Prostate Cancer UK consensus statement  Merriel, SWD; Hetherington, L; Seggie, A; et al.
    1 January 2010Bevacizumab, sorafenib tosylate, sunitinib and temsirolimus for renal cell carcinoma: a systematic review and economic evaluation  Thompson-Coon, Jo; Hoyle, M; Green, C; et al.
    27 June 2018Beyond climate change and health: Integrating broader environmental change and natural environments for public health protection and promotion in the UK  Fleming, LE; Leonardi, GS; White, MP; et al.
    30 April 2015Beyond greenspace: an ecological study of population general health and indicators of natural environment type and quality.  Wheeler, BW; Lovell, R; Higgins, Sahran L.; et al.
    11 February 2021Beyond ratios - flexible and resilient nurse staffing options to deliver cost-effective hospital care and address staff shortages: a simulation and economic modelling study  Griffiths, P; Saville, C; Ball, JE; et al.
    4 May 2018Beyond “Move More”: Feeling the Rhythms of physical activity in mid and later-life  Phoenix, C; Bell, SL
    1 December 2013Bias and sensitivity analysis when estimating treatment effects from the cox model with omitted covariates  Lin, NX; Logan, S; Henley, WE
    1 April 2014Biodiversity, cultural pathways, and human health: a framework.  Clark, NE; Lovell, R; Wheeler, BW; et al.
    14 October 2019Blood markers for cancer  Watson, J; Mounce, L; Bailey, SER; et al.
    14 September 2016Blood sampling - Two sides to the story  Pickup, L; Atkinson, S; Hollnagel, E; et al.
    14 June 2017BlueHealth: a study programme protocol for mapping and quantifying the potential benefits to public health and well-being from Europe's blue spaces  Grellier, J; White, MP; Albin, M; et al.
    9 December 2009Bone density of the femoral neck following Birmingham hip resurfacing A 2-year prospective study in 27 hips  Cooke, NJ; Rodgers, L; Rawlings, D; et al.
    1 June 2009Bortezomib for the treatment of multiple myeloma patients.  Green, C; Bryant, J; Takeda, A; et al.
    2016Bridging the second gap in translation: a case study of barriers and facilitators to implementing Patient-initiated Clinics into secondary care  Kieft, E; Day, J; Byng, R; et al.
    8 February 2018Bringing Health and the Environment into Decision-Making: The Natural Capital Approach  Bateman, IJ; Wheeler, BW
    18 March 2010British pain clinic practitioners' recognition and use of the bio-psychosocial pain management model for patients when physical interventions are ineffective or inappropriate: results of a qualitative study  Harding, G; Campbell, John; Parsons, S; et al.
    5 October 2018Broad changes in body mass index between age 10 and adulthood are associated with type 2 diabetes risk independently of adult body mass index  Tyrrell, J; Yaghootkar, H; Jones, SE; et al.
    1 February 2015Building an online community to promote communication and collaborative learning between health professionals and young people who self-harm: an exploratory study  Owens, Christabel; Sharkey, S; Smithson, Janet; et al.
    30 April 2014Building effective responses: An independent review of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence services in Wales  Berry, VL; Stanley, N; Radford, L; et al.