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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 April 2020Making connections: Social identification with new treatment groups for lifestyle management of severe obesity  Khan, SS; Tarrant, M; Kos, K; et al.
    24 October 2018Making the Case for “Whole System” Approaches Integrating Public Health and Housing  Sharpe, R; Taylor, T; Fleming, L; et al.
    1 October 2020Management of adults with primary frozen shoulder in secondary care (UK FROST): a multicentre, pragmatic, three-arm, superiority randomised clinical trial  Rangan, A; Brealey, SD; Keding, A; et al.
    1 May 2018Managing with learning disability and diabetes: OK-Diabetes – A case-finding study and feasibility randomised controlled trial  House, A; Bryant, L; Russell, AM; et al.
    2016Manual Development and Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy versus Usual Care for Parents with a History of Depression  Ukoumunne, OC; Mann, J; Kuyken, W; et al.
    6 September 2020Mapping epilepsy-specific patient-reported outcome measures for children to a proposed core outcome set for childhood epilepsy  Crudgington, H; Collingwood, A; Bray, L; et al.
    2 June 2020Mapping post-diagnostic dementia care in England: an e-survey  Frost, R; Walters, K; Wilcock, J; et al.
    3 April 2019Mapping the autistic advantage from the accounts of adults diagnosed with autism: A qualitative study  Russell, G; Kapp, SK; Elliott, D; et al.
    29 July 2020Mapping UK mental health services for adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: national survey with comparison of reporting between three stakeholder groups  Price, A; Janssens, A; Newlove-Delgado, T; et al.
    28 July 2015Marine Biota and Psychological Well-Being: A Preliminary Examination of Dose-Response Effects in an Aquarium Setting.  Cracknell, D; White, MP; Pahl, S; et al.
    1 May 2018Market failures, the environment, and human health  Morrissey, KM
    11 January 2018Maternal thyroid hormone insufficiency during pregnancy and risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring: A systematic review and meta-analysis  Thompson, W; Russell, G; Baragwanath, G; et al.
    24 January 2019Maximising the impact of patient reported outcome assessment for patients and society  Calvert, M; Kyte, D; Price, G; et al.
    3 November 2021MC3R links nutritional state to childhood growth and the timing of puberty  Lam, BYH; Williamson, A; Finer, S; et al.
    25 June 2015Meaningful health outcomes for paediatric neurodisability: stakeholder prioritisation and appropriateness of patient reported outcome measures  Morris, C; Janssens, A; Shilling, V; et al.
    1 April 2018Measurement invariance and general population reference values of the PROMIS Profile 29 in the UK, France, and Germany.  Fischer, F; Gibbons, C; Coste, J; et al.
    14 August 2019Measurement invariance properties and external construct validity of the short Warwick-Edinburgh mental wellbeing scale in a large national sample of secondary school students in Wales  Melendez-Torres, GJ; Hewitt, G; Hallingberg, B; et al.
    22 April 2020Measurement of blood pressure in the leg - a statement on behalf of the British and Irish Hypertension Society  Sheppard, JP; Lacy, P; Lewis, PS; et al.
    17 June 2021Measurement of Shared Social Identity in Singing Groups for People With Aphasia  Tarrant, M; Lamont, RA; Carter, M; et al.
    11 December 2015Measurement properties of multidimensional patient-reported outcome measures in neurodisability: a systematic review of evaluation studies  Janssens, A; Rogers, M; Gumm, R; et al.