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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 April 2017N of 1 trials and the optimal individualisation of drug treatments: a systematic review protocol  Demeyin, WA; Frost, J; Ukoumunne, OC; et al.
    17 March 2017Natural environments and subjective wellbeing: Different types of exposure are associated with different aspects of wellbeing.  White, MP; Pahl, S; Wheeler, BW; et al.
    24 July 2019Nature and mental health: An ecosystem service perspective  Bratman, GN; Anderson, CB; Berman, MG; et al.
    10 June 2019Nature-Based Interventions for Improving Health and Wellbeing: The Purpose, the People and the Outcomes.  Shanahan, DF; Astell-Burt, T; Barber, EA; et al.
    19 July 2019Navigating the maze: Qualitative research methodologies and their philosophical foundations  Bleiker, J; Morgan-Trimmer, S; Knapp, K; et al.
    12 June 2018Nearby Nature 'Buffers' the Effect of Low Social Connectedness on Adult Subjective Wellbeing over the Last 7 Days.  Cartwright, BDS; White, MP; Clitherow, TJ
    8 October 2015Needs and fears of young people presenting at Accident & Emergency department following an act of self-harm: Secondary analysis of qualitative data  Owens, Christabel; Hansford, L; Sharkey, S; et al.
    19 March 2015Needs of caregivers in heart failure management: A qualitative study  Wingham, J; Frost, J; Britten, Nicky; et al.
    24 January 2018Negative Symptoms in Early-Onset Psychosis and Their Association With Antipsychotic Treatment Failure.  Downs, J; Dean, H; Lechler, S; et al.
    5 January 2017Negotiating multisectoral evidence: a qualitative study of knowledge exchange at the intersection of transport and public health.  Guell, C; Mackett, R; Ogilvie, D
    11 January 2019Negotiating nature’s weather worlds in the context of life with sight impairment  Bell, SL; Leyshon, C; Phoenix, C
    25 July 2019Neighbourhood blue space, health and wellbeing: The mediating role of different types of physical activity  Pasanen, TP; White, MP; Wheeler, BW; et al.
    21 October 2020Neighbourhood greenspace and smoking prevalence: Results from a nationally representative survey in England  Martin, L; White, MP; Pahl, S; et al.
    22 March 2018Neighbourhood greenspace is related to physical activity in England, but only for dog owners  White, MP; Elliott, LR; Wheeler, BW; et al.
    23 February 2006Neonatal hearing screening: modelling cost and effectiveness of hospital- and community-based screening  Grill, E; Uus, K; Hessel, F; et al.
    23 October 2013Netmums: a phase II randomized controlled trial of a guided Internet behavioural activation treatment for postpartum depression.  O'Mahen, HA; Richards, David; Woodford, J; et al.
    16 March 2019Network meta-analysis of randomised trials of pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, exercise and collaborative care interventions for depressive symptoms in patients with coronary artery disease: Hybrid systematic review of systematic reviews protocol  Doyle, F; Freedland, K; Carney, R; et al.
    2010Neurological conditions and falls  Goodwin, VA
    16 July 2017Neuropsychological impairments in children with KCNJ11 neonatal diabetes  Bowman, P; Hattersley, AT; Knight, BA; et al.
    12 July 2008Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning  Watkins, SM; Reich, A; Fleming, LE; et al.