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  • Open Access and Research Data Management: Information for PGR Supervisors 

    Lloyd-Jones, Hannah; Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2013-02-26)
    A presentation on Open Access and research data management for PGR supervisors for the Doctoral Supervision Workshop.
  • Open Access Survival Guide for Academics and Researchers 

    Evans, Jill; Newell, Kate (University of Exeter, 2013-12-06)
    This guide outlines the basics of open access and what you need to know about funder policies.
  • Open Access Survival Guide for New PGR Students 

    Evans, Jill; Cole, Gareth; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah (University of Exeter, 2013-08-08)
    A guide to Open Access for new PGR students.
  • Overview of open access and funder policies 

    Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2014-12-11)
    20-30 minute overview of open access including guidance on funder and institutional policies. This is a generic version that can be adapted for use in various disciplines.
  • Puzzled by Research Data Management? 

    Hunt, Meg; Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2013)
    A guide to help researchers at Exeter with their Research Data Management questions.
  • Research Data Management 

    Cole, Gareth; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah; Evans, Jill (2013-02-04)
    The slides from the Open Exeter training session on research data management on 1st February 2013 at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH).
  • Research Data Management 

    Bishop, Libby; Van Den Eynden, Veerle; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah (UKDA/University of Exeter, 2012-12)
    This presentation was part of the Methodology and Research Skills in Sociology course for PGR students and looks at different areas of research data management including: data management planning, documenting and ...
  • Research Data Management Survival Guide for New PhD Students 

    Atkinson, Stuart; Blanchette, Annie; Bremner, Philip; Farrar, Ruth; Wright, Duncan; Wylie, Lee (University of Exeter, 2012-09-17)
    A guide to effective research data management (RDM) for new PhD researchers produced by six PGRs working with the Open Exeter project. Although often ignored the appropriate management, dissemination and archiving of data ...
  • Selecting data: what to keep, what to delete? 

    University of Cambridge; Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah (2013-03-06)
    A checklist to help researchers select research data for long-term archiving.
  • SSIS Research Data Management Session for PGR Students 

    Lloyd-Jones, Hannah; Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill; UKDA (University of Exeter, 2013-02-13)
  • Uploading your publication to the Open Research Exeter repository (ORE) using Symplectic 

    Parkinson, Steve; Cockram, Rick (University of Exeter, 2012-10)
    A short, simple guide to uploading research papers from Symplectic to Exeter's research repository.
  • User Guide for the Deposit of Data to Open Research Exeter (ORE) 

    Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah (University of Exeter, 2013-05-13)
    This is a draft guide for the deposit of research data to Open Research Exeter using Globus Online. The guide is subject to change.
  • What to Keep/Delete: How To Appraise Your Data (RDP) 

    Cole, Gareth; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah; Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2013-04-11)
    This Researcher Development Programme session focuses on the appraisal of research data for retention or deletion. Deciding what should be kept and what can be disposed of saves on data storage costs, enables you to find ...