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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 April 2020Ecological momentary assessment of affect and physical activity in people with depression  Hollands, L; Lambert, J; Price, L; et al.
    2 March 2020Effects of Cadmium on Neutrophil Biology and the Potential Role in Autoantigen Formation in Rheumatoid Arthritis  Clarke, A
    21 September 2016Effects of sex, age, body height and body weight on spinal loads: sensitivity analyses in a subject-specific trunk musculoskeletal model.  Ghezelbash, F; Shirazi-Adl, A; Arjmand, N; et al.
    2013Evaluation of a dual-scales method to measure weight-bearing through the legs, and effects of weight-bearing inequalities on hip bone mineral density and leg lean tissue mass.  Hopkins, Susan; Smith, Christopher; Toms, Andrew; et al.
    18 February 2019Evaluation of vaccine effectiveness in older adults using routinely collected data: a quasi-experimental approach  Streeter, A
    25 July 2019Every picture tells a story: Content analysis of medical school website and prospectus images in the United Kingdom  Macarthur, J; Eaton, M; Mattick, K
    14 October 2020Evidence for 28 genetic disorders discovered by combining healthcare and research data  Kaplanis, J; Samocha, KE; Wiel, L; et al.
    17 August 2018Evidence from a quasi-experimental study for the effectiveness of the influenza vaccination against myocardial infarction in UK adults aged at least 65 y  Streeter, AJ; Henley, WE
    3 September 2020Evolution of antibiotic resistance at low antibiotic concentrations including selection below the minimal selective concentration  Stanton, IC; Murray, AK; Zhang, L; et al.
    22 June 2020Exploring the Epigenome of Neurons and Glia in Vitro to Determine their Utility as a Model for Alzheimer's Disease  Imm, J
    12 June 2019Exploring the potential relationships between microvascular haemodynamics and density in bone: a feasibility study utilising near infrared spectroscopy  Meertens, RM; Knapp, KM; Casanova, F; et al.
    25 September 2020Extracellular ATP increases glucose metabolism in skeletal muscle cells in a P2 receptor dependent manner but does not contribute to palmitate-induced insulin resistance  Cruz, AM; Beall, C