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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 August 2018Evidence from a quasi-experimental study for the effectiveness of the influenza vaccination against myocardial infarction in UK adults aged at least 65 y  Streeter, AJ; Henley, WE
    22 June 2020Exploring the Epigenome of Neurons and Glia in Vitro to Determine their Utility as a Model for Alzheimer's Disease  Imm, J
    12 June 2019Exploring the potential relationships between microvascular haemodynamics and density in bone: a feasibility study utilising near infrared spectroscopy  Meertens, RM; Knapp, KM; Casanova, F; et al.
    10 October 2019Finding Diagnostically Useful Patterns in Quantitative Phenotypic Data  Aitken, S; Firth, HV; McRae, J; et al.
    10 June 2019Functional genomic characterisation of animal models of AD: relevance to human dementia  Castanho, I
    27 November 2018Future Roadmaps for Precision Medicine Applied to Diabetes: Rising to the Challenge of Heterogeneity  Bowman, P; Flanagan, SE; Hattersley, AT
    7 July 2012GSK2578215A; A potent and highly selective 2-arylmethyloxy-5-substitutent- N-arylbenzamide LRRK2 kinase inhibitor  Reith, AD; Bamborough, P; Jandu, K; et al.
    24 February 2020How to … do mixed-methods research  Kajamaa, A; Mattick, K; de la Croix, A
    5 September 2019How to … use qualitative research to change practice  Kajamaa, A; de la Croix, A; Mattick, K
    17 February 2016Image driven subject-specific finite element models of spinal biomechanics  Zanjani-Pour, Sahand; Winlove, C. Peter; Smith, Christopher; et al.
    30 November 2018Imaging and opportunistic identification of fractures  Knapp, KM; Meertens, RM; Seymour, R
    2013Imaging in Osteoporosis  Knapp, KM; Meertens, RM; Seymour, R
    19 March 2020Impact of a novel home-based exercise intervention on health indicators in inactive premenopausal women: a 12-week randomised controlled trial  Connolly, LJ; Scott, S; Morencos, CM; et al.
    18 April 2020The impact of disuse and high-fat overfeeding on forearm muscle amino acid metabolism in humans  Wall, BT; Cruz, AM; Otten, B; et al.
    29 April 2019The Impact of Glucose Variation on Human Astrocytes  Weightman Potter, P
    9 December 2019The impact of including carers in museum programmes for people with dementia: a realist review  Kinsey, D; Lang, I; Orr, N; et al.
    15 October 2019Impaired regulation of KCC2 phosphorylation leads to neuronal network dysfunction and neurodevelopmental pathology  Pisella, LI; Gaiarsa, J-L; Diabira, D; et al.
    13 December 2018Improving in vitro photodynamic therapy through the development of a novel iron chelating aminolaevulinic acid prodrug  Curnow, A; Perry, A; Wood, M
    21 January 2019Improving literature searching in systematic reviews: the application of tailored literature searching compared to ‘the conventional approach’  Cooper, C
    30 September 2019in vitro Characterisation of the Complement Cascade for Predicting Patient Outcome Post-operatively  Reader, P