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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2009Leadership in higher education: facts, fictions and futures  Bolden, Richard; Petrov, Georgy; Gosling, Jonathan; et al.
    1 January 2009Leadership, collaboration and the higher skills agenda  Bolden, Richard
    1 February 2007The shadow side of leadership  Bolden, Richard
    2010Strategies for Effective HE-Employer Engagement  Bolden, Richard
    1 February 2010Strategies for effective HE-employer engagement  Bolden, Richard; Hirsh, Wendy; Connor, Helen; et al.
    2008Tensions in higher education leadership: towards a multi-level model of leadership practice  Bolden, Richard; Petrov, Georgy; Gosling, Jonathan
    1 September 2006Transforming communities through leadership development: a pan-African example  Bolden, Richard; Kirk, Philip
    1 April 2007Trends and perspectives in management and leadership  Bolden, Richard
    2005What is leadership development: purpose and practice?  Bolden, Richard
    1 July 2007A yearning for the vast and endless sea: from competence to purpose in leadership development  Bolden, Richard