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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2008Capital theory and the dynamics of elite business networks in Britain and France  Harvey, Charles; Maclean, Mairi
    9 January 2013Citizens of the academic community? A societal perspective on leadership in UK Higher Education  Bolden, Richard; Gosling, Jonathan; O'Brien, Anne
    2015Commercial Migration Intermediaries and the segmentation of skilled migrant employment  van den Broek, Diane; Harvey, William S.; Groutsis, Dimitria
    1 September 2013Conceptualizing taste: food, culture and celebrities  Stringfellow, Lindsay; MacLaren, Andrew; Maclean, Mairi; et al.
    19 June 2014Crab antics? Contesting and perpetuating status hierarchies in professional service firms.  Stringfellow, Lindsay; Thompson, Alex
    1 May 2007Creative innovation or crazy irrelevance? The contribution of group norms and level of identity to innovate behaviour and perception of creativity  Adarves-Yorno, Inmaculada; Postmes, Tom; Haslam, S. Alexander
    1 January 2015Creativity is collective  Haslam, S. Alexander; Adarves-Yorno, Inmaculada; Postmes, Tom