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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2012Making nano matter: an inquiry into the discourses of governable science  Simakova, Elena
    1 February 2015Making sense of sensemaking in organization studies  Pye, Annie; Brown, Andrew D.; Colville, Ian
    12 February 2013Management education and the ethical mindset: Responsibility to whom and for what?  Bird, Fred; Case, Peter; Gosling, Jonathan
    2015Managing exploration and exploitation in creative organizations  Knight, Eric R.W.; Harvey, William S.
    2014Managing leadership and cultural change at Beak and Johnston: a work in progress  Harvey, William S.; Parry, Stuart; Vorbach, Paul
    25 September 2013Managing the monsters of doubt: liminality, threshold concepts and leadership learning  Hawkins, Beverley; Edwards, Gareth
    2010Methodological approaches for interviewing elites  Harvey, William S.
    2012Motivations and barriers in using distributed supply chain simulation  Mustafee, Navonil; Taylor, Simon J.E.; Katsaliaki, Korina; et al.
    2015Multiple disadvantage and wage growth: the effect of merit pay on pay gaps  Woodhams, Carol; Lupton, Ben; Perkins, Graham; et al.