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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 May 2012The future of philanthropy: the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial philanthropy  Shaw, Eleanor; Gordon, Jillian; Harvey, Charles; et al.
    2016The Importance of Followership and Reputation in an HR consulting firm  Finlayson, D; Harvey, William S.
    2014The presence of ethnic minority and disabled men in feminised work: intersectionality, vertical segregation and the glass escalator  Woodhams, Carol; Lupton, Ben; Cowling, Marc
    16 October 2014The role of supply chain leadership in the learning of sustainable practice: toward an integrated framework  Gosling, Jonathan; Jia, Fu; Gong, Yu; et al.
    1 February 2007The shadow side of leadership  Bolden, Richard
    2008The social networks of British and Indian expatriate scientists in Boston  Harvey, William S.
    2010The spiritual organization: critical reflections on the instrumentality of workplace spirituality  Case, Peter; Gosling, Jonathan
    1 May 2014The tax implications of Scottish devolution or further devolution  Frecknall-Hughes, Jane; James, Simon; McIlwhan, Rosemarie
    2008Tensions in higher education leadership: towards a multi-level model of leadership practice  Bolden, Richard; Petrov, Georgy; Gosling, Jonathan
    2010Towards a new model of "customer compliance" service provision  Kasabov, Edward; Warlow, Alex J.
    2015Transformations in network governance: the case of migration intermediaries  Groutsis, Dimitria; van den Broek, Diane; Harvey, William S.
    1 September 2006Transforming communities through leadership development: a pan-African example  Bolden, Richard; Kirk, Philip
    1 April 2007Trends and perspectives in management and leadership  Bolden, Richard