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  • Championing the library: involving students in development, advocacy and stock selection 

    Gale, Caroline (SCONUL, 2013)
    At the start of the 2011–12 academic year, the library at the University of Exeter launched a new pilot scheme of student ‘library champions’. These students were expected to help us promote the library, to feed back ...
  • Champions and e-books: using student Library Champions to inform e-book purchasing strategies 

    Gale, CA (UKSG in association with Ubiquity Press, 2016-07-05)
    How students really use e-books is a subject of much interest to library professionals. This has particular relevance when it comes to selecting suppliers and e-book platforms for institutional use. The question of preferred ...
  • CHARTER Project Plan 

    Gardner, Jessica; Green, James; Abu-Zayed, Ahmed; Milward, Sue; Burnley, Ray; Edmunds, Bill (2008-10-13)
    At the end of CHARTER, the new repository will hold a critical mass of 4000+ digital image surrogates (and associate metadata) all with a popular culture subject theme. The 2000 new items selected for digitisation through ...
  • JISC Digitisation Programme: Enhancing Digital Resources: CHARTER Project Proposal 

    Gardner, Jessica; Abu-Zayed, Ahmed (2008-07)
    CHARTER is a small-scale digitisation pilot which will deliver (under JISC heading ‘A’) an openaccess repository (based on Fedora software) populated with a critical mass of 4000 digital images drawn from the unique and ...
  • Collection Management Policy for the Arab World Documentation Unit 

    Abu-Zayed, Ahmed (2007-04-18)
    The University of Exeter’s Arab World Documentation Unit, formerly known as the Gulf Documentation Unit, has undergone major changes in the course of the past two years. Its relocation to new premises, the broadened remit ...
  • Digitisation Workflow and Guidelines: Digitisation Processes 

    Abu-Zayed, Ahmed; Stobo, Victoria; Oxberry, Victoria (2009-03-23)
    This document outlines the workflow and best practice required to implement the digitisation of physical objects as part of the CHARTER project. It details the CHARTER scanning requirements and parameters for the creation ...
  • Editorial: Educating minds for the knowledge economy 

    Browne, Tom; Shurville, Simon (Intellect, 2007)
  • Employing the new educational technologists: A call for evidenced change 

    Shurville, Simon; Browne, Tom; Whitaker, Marian (Proceedings ascilite Melbourne 2008., 2008-12)
    Flexible technology-enhanced learning environments, both educationally and institutionally are key enablers for delivering efficient mass higher education. Educational technologists make significant contributions to the ...
  • European Documentation Centres – the arrival of the electronic library 

    Overy, Patrick (SCONUL, 2004-03)
    Although a large proportion of official information from the European Union is now publicly available via the internet, it is important for students and researchers to be aware of the gaps between printed and electronic ...
  • European information: a guide to official sources 

    Overy, Patrick; Davies, Eric (European Information Association, 2010)
    A practical guide for anyone who needs to find official information about the European institutions and their activities
  • European information: a guide to official sources 

    Overy, Patrick (European Information Association, 2009)
    This book is intended as a practical guide for anyone who needs to find official information, whether printed or online, about the European institutions and their activities.
  • European Union: a guide to tracing working documents 

    Overy, Patrick (Globalex, 2008-12)
    In legal research, particularly in international and comparative law, it is often necessary to trace working documents, or “travaux préparatoires,” in order to get a clear view of how negotiations have affected the original ...
  • Exeter Research Data Repository Help 

    Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2011)
    PDF providing help on the use of the Data Repository
  • Exeter Research Data Repository Policies 

    Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2011)
    Policies governing use of the Data Repository
  • Exeter Research Data Repository Submission Guide 

    Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2011)
    Guide to submitting data to the Data Repository
  • Exeter Research Data Repository Takedown Policy 

    Evans, Jill (University of Exeter, 2011)
    Document outlining the Data Repository takedown policy.
  • The Famine Project: Structuring Data 

    Stringer, GB (University of Exeter, 2015)
    A report on current technologies deployed in the AHRC-funded project "Famine & Dearth in India & Britain, 1550-1800", presented at the workshop: Food Security and the Environment in India and Britain: historical and cultural ...
  • First Test Submission Post Live 

    Lee, Taylor (University of Exeter, 2013-07-26)
    Just testing whether we can submit via Globus
  • Google Scholar - a review 

    Myhill, Martin (Charleston Advisor, 2005-04)
    Google Scholar is an internet-based search engine designed to locate scholarly literature (including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research) available ...
  • Gunpowder Manufacturers and the Office of Ordnance, 1793-1815 

    Cole, Gareth (German Historical Institute, 2011)
    This chapter explored the networks and linkages between the Office of Ordnance and gunpowder manufacturers in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.