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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2001Leadership Development in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Final Report  Bolden, Richard
    1 December 2000Leadership Development in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Phase 1 Report  Bolden, Richard; Terry, Rohini
    2003Leadership Development in SMEs  Bolden, Richard
    1 July 2007Leadership development in SMEs: designing a customised solution  Bolden, Richard
    1 December 2005Leadership in Africa: meanings, impacts and identities  Bolden, Richard; Kirk, Philip
    2009Leadership in higher education: facts, fictions and futures  Bolden, Richard; Petrov, Georgy; Gosling, Jonathan; et al.
    1 January 2009Leadership, collaboration and the higher skills agenda  Bolden, Richard
    15 September 2019Leadership, creativity and innovation: a meta-analytic review  Lee, A; Legood, A; Hughes, D; et al.
    30 March 2018Leadership, creativity, and innovation: A critical review and practical recommendations  Hughes, D; Lee, AJR; Tian, A; et al.
    27 June 2017Leader–member exchange (LMX) differentiation and work outcomes: Conceptual clarification and critical review  Martin, R; Thomas, G; Legood, A; et al.
    2017Leading diversity in the boardroom: board evaluation project 2017  Sealy, R; Tilbury, L; Vinnicombe, S
    2011Leading FTSE companies: a synopsis of the continuing study of corporate directing  Pye, Annie
    29 December 2017Learning "who we are" by doing: Processes of co-constructing prosocial identities in community-based enterprises  Dentoni, D; Pascucci, S; Poldner, K; et al.
    2011Learning about the arrival of sales  Mason, Robin; Valimaki, Juuso
    1 December 2016Learning through simultaneous play: evidence from penny auctions  Gonçalves, R; Fonseca, MA
    1 May 2008Learning to be sociable: the evolution of homo economicus  Ng, Irene C. L.; Tseng, Lu-Ming
    1 September 2014Learning to export from neighbors  Fernandes, Ana P.; Tang, Heiwai
    1 August 2010Learning unethical practices from a co-worker: the peer effect of Jose Canseco  Gould, Eric; Kaplan, Todd R.
    1 January 2017Lens or prism? How organisations sustain multiple and competing reputations  Harvey, WS; Tourky, M; Knight, E; et al.
    1 June 2015Less is more, or not? On the interplay between bundles of Slack Resources, Firm Performance and Firm Survival  Paeleman, I; Vanacker, T