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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 July 2020Facets of trust in simulation studies  Harper, A; Mustafee, N; Yearworth, M
    2009Facilitating the analysis of a UK National Blood Service supply chain using distributed simulation  Mustafee, Navonil; Taylor, Simon J.E.; Katsaliaki, Korina; et al.
    19 July 2018Failure or success? Defensive strategies and piecemeal change among racial inequalities in the Brazilian Banking sector  Gomes, MV; Alves, MA
    28 April 2017Failure to CAPTCHA Attention: Null Results from an Honesty Priming Experiment in Guatemala  Kettle, S; Hernandez, M; Sanders, M; et al.
    1 April 2008Fair value in financial reporting: problems and pitfalls in practice - A case study analysis of the use of fair valuation at Enron.  Gwilliam, David; Jackson, Richard H.G.
    31 July 2018Fast maximum likelihood estimation via equilibrium expectation for large network data  Byshkin, M; Stivala, A; Mira, A; et al.
    4 August 2017Fearless dominance and performance in field sales: a predictive study  Titze, J; Blickle, G; Wihler, A
    1 February 2010Federal tax competition and the efficiency consequences for local taxation of revenue equalization  Kotsogiannis, Christos
    1 July 2012Female employment and fertility: the effects of rising female wages  Siegel, Christian
    8 November 2017Female FTSE Board Report 2017: Women on boards, back on track?  Vinnicombe, S; Sealy, R; Humbert, AL
    7 July 2016Female FTSE Report 2016 - Women on Boards: Taking stock of where we are  Sealy, R; Doldor, E; Vinnicombe, S
    1 October 2012Film tourism: evolution, progress and prospects  Connell, Joanne
    26 October 2020Final response to the 25 Year Environment Plan progress report  Helm, D; Willis, K; Bateman, IJ; et al.
    2011Financial crisis, contagion, and the British banking system between the world wars  Billings, Mark; Capie, Forrest
    10 May 2018Financial market volatility, macroeconomic fundamentals and investor sentiment  Chiu, C-WJ; Harris, RDF; Stoja, E; et al.
    2016Financial Reporting, Banking and Financial Crisis: Past, Present and Future  Billings, Mark
    24 December 2016Financing constraints and fixed-term employment: Evidence from the 2008-9 financial crisis  Fernandes, APO; Ferreira, P
    2004Financing Multi-level Government  James, Simon
    2010Findings on the impact of self assessment on the compliance behaviour of individual taxpayers in Malaysia: a case study approach  Loo, Ern Chen; McKerchar, Margaret; Hansford, Ann
    1 July 2004Finite Sample Biases in Tests of the Rational Expectations Hypothesis in the Bond Market  Bulkley, George; Harris, Richard D. F.